Hip Hop Abs Experience

Hip Hop Abs

Tilt. Tuck. Tighten. According to Shaun T, creator of Hip Hop Abs, those three words are the secret to abs that we all want to have. Well, I wanted to know if he speaks the truth so two weeks ago I looked for a copy and started doing Hip Hop Abs.

What is Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is a basically a program that aims to make you lose weight, get flat abs while having fun with the dancing and doing hip hop moves. The package contains exercise videos where you can watch and follow Shaun T as he teaches you how to exercise in a funky way. There are videos for those who want to do some cardio, work out their whole body, focus on their hips, thighs and legs, or for those who just want to dance.

It also has stuffs such as diet plans, nutrition information and other stuffs but the my focus is really on the videos.

My Personal Experience and Results

The first video I watched was a dance video. I said to myself, I won’t do this since I’m not really a good dancer (I can’t follow their moves so I might just get frustrated) so it will be just a burden for me so I switched to the next video. It’s Cardio, it’s just about twenty minutes long and I said to myself, why not? After twenty minutes, I was amazed and happy at the same time. I’m sweating like hell, I’m tired but I had a lot of fun following Shaun T’s instructions.

On other days, I also tried the total body burn video and that was crazy. I couldn’t barely stand on the first time I finished the video. It was very tiring but I still enjoyed it. After doing these exercises, I really feel that my appetite is roaring for some food but in order not to counter the effects of these exercise, I prevent myself from eating mountains of food.

I also tried hip buns and thighs and that made my butt so sore. I guess my butt needs more exercise 😀 . I also tried the Ab Sculpt but for some reason, it really doesn’t affect me, I should have aching abs after right?

So on other days where you visit this blog and you see that there are no new posts, I’m probably doing some Hip Hop Abs. I’ve just done about 5 sessions of alternating cardio and total body burn so I could not say if it already have effects on me. But even if results will come later, I’m already happy that I’m giving myself some exercise once in a while. Who knows, this may be the secret to losing fat naturally and having fun doing it.

Get your own copy of Hip Hop Abs now! 🙂

Hip Hop Abs

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  1. I think this would be great for me because (1) my abs could use some work and (2) my dancing skills are not very impressive!

    I’ll have to check this out! Thanks a ton for sharing! : ]

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