Holyland Kdrama

Holyland Kdrama

Holyland Kdrama

Just finished watching the first episode of this kdrama; Holyland.

Holyland is about a guy, Kang-Yoo – by Dong-Ho of U-Kiss, who, despite looking meek and weak, manages to beat street thugs using a 1-2 punch combo. This earns him a reputation as the “hunter” who leaders of these thugs believe is out to get them. In episode 1 alone, he has managed to take down 1 known member (might be a semi-leader or a high ranking thug) of each of the two street gangs introduced in the story thus the nickname hunter was born.

As I was watching this, a few shows came into mind such as City Hunter (a guy able to beat up enemies), Great Teacher Onizuka (due to the presence of street gangs/thugs), and History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (similarly a weak / shy guy is the protagonist) due to the fight scenes and the scenario being shown. It’s interesting to see how someone who didn’t have formal training in boxing be able to defend himself against gangs who usually rely on numbers to win. It might be an ideal scenario but it shows us that boxing can be used for self defense.

In the episode, another guy was also introduced and he was a former boxer. I’d like to see how he would fight as based on the synopsis, he would be training Kang-Yoo so that Kang-Yoo would learn the correct way.

Holyland only has four episodes and it will be shown on KIX’s channel (Celestial Tiger Entertainment). Here in the Philippines, we can watch it every Wednesday at 9pm starting on December 5. Skycable (Ch 63), Cablelink (CH 220), Destiny (Channel 10).

I’m just started watching this so I hope there would be a rerun on cable TV. Looking forward to episode two.

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