Honda Scoopy Launch

Honda Scoopy Launch Event 1st Half

Honda Scoopy Launch Event

Honda Scoopy Launch

Last September 3, we were invited to the Honda Scoopy launch event, the unveiling of the new automatic scooter from Honda Philippines.

Here’s the recap of the activities that happened.

The event officially started at 3pm and the early bird me, went to pig out at Brother’s Burger while waiting for the event to start. Basically, there were two venues for the event (divided by 9th street).

Honda Scoopy Polling Station Honda Scoopy Voting Station Honda Scoopy Safety Riding Skills Challenge

The first one was the voting station for the four finalists who joined in the Scooter Project. There was also the “Safety Riding Skills Challenge” where it aims to simulate your motorcycle riding skills (similar to the arcade games).

Honda Scoopy Launch Balloon Honda Scoopy Launch Scooter Launch

Honda Scoopy Scooters

The second one would be the event place where most of the activities took place. The Honda Scoop-ies were shown to us in different colors, (“White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Black”).

Honda Scoopy Launch Andi Manzano

After the display, the program officially started with Andi Manzano hosting the event. Btw, blogger-model Nicole Andersson was also there but I missed taking a picture of her.

First, we saw the finalists of the Scooter Project where schools were given a scoopy to design as they wish. The participating schools were DLSU-College of St. Benilde, University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines and Asia Pacific College.

Here were their entries.

 Honda Scoopy DLSU-College of St. Benilde 2

DLSU-College of St. Benilde

Honda Scoopy University of Santo Tomas 1 Honda Scoopy University of Santo Tomas 2

University of Santo Tomas


University of the Philippines


Asia Pacific College

After displaying their creations, they proceeded to bring back their Honda Scoopy back to the voting station where the public could vote for their own choice.

The next segment was the “Amazing Scoopy Challenge” where teams of media men were grouped together to do challenges. I wasn’t able to follow this part because I was on the voting area.

Honda Scoopy Dance Honda Scoopy Dance Crowd Honda Scoopy Dance Crowd Winner

While the Challenge was ongoing, they unveiled their Scoopy Theme Song (video available) which two members of the G-Force dance group danced to it. It has this catchy tune that will give you LSS and the dance was just easy to follow. They picked six (6) persons from the crowd to dance to the song and the winner won a Honda Jacket. This is something that would always remind of the Honda Scoopy Launch event because sometimes it just plays on my head and I can’t get it out lol.

After that, we proceeded to eat our snacks at Itallianis Restaurant.

Honda Scoopy Itallianis Snack

Yum Yum! Although I’m still feeling the Big Brother’s Burger in my stomach, I can’t resist eating these.

That’s it for the first half of my post about the Honda Scoopy Launch. Watch out of part 2 in another post.

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