Honda Scoopy Launch Event Night

Honda Scoopy Launch Event 2nd Half

Honda Scoopy Launch Event …continued

Honda Scoopy Launch Event Night

After taking a break from the event, (see first half here), we returned to for the 2nd half of the Honda Scoopy Launch Event. This was the time that the event was opened to the public where you can grab a seat and watch the show!

Honda Scoopy Moonstar 88 Honda Scoopy Moonstar 88 2

Moonstar 88 played their songs but I was only able to hear two (well, 1 and 1/2 because Torete was ending when I arrived).

Honda Scoopy Event G-Force Honda Scoopy Event G-Force 2

We had G-Force give us a very high energy dance. At first, I thought the two of the girls looked familiar and I realized, they were the same girls earlier doing the scoopy dance.

Honda Scoopy Event Boys Night Out Honda Scoopy Event Boys Night Out 2

After that, Boys Night’s Slick Rick and Sam Y G (Tony Toni wasn’t there) were introduced and they would be hosting the event. They were very entertaining! Now for the winners of activities that were held earlier.

For the Amazing Scoopy Project (the same as my bets except I think UP should have won):

  1. University of Santo Thomas
  2. University of the Philippines
  3. Asia Pacific College
  4. DLSU – College of St. Benilde

Honda Scoopy Event Amazing Scoopy Challenge Winner

For the Amazing Scoopy Challenge. The first placer would win cash and Honda watches. The other players would also win a smaller cash price and Honda watches. They were accompanied by one of the AVPs of Honda.

Honda Scoopy Event Katsuhida Yoda Honda Scoopy Event Katsuhida Yoda 2

With that over, it is now the start of the announcement and unveiling for the Honda Scoopy by the Honda Philippines President, Katsuhida Yoda.

Honda Scoopy Event RJ Jacinto Patti Grandidge Honda Scoopy Event Patti Grandidge Honda Scoopy Event Scoopy

And with that, we were also introduced to the endorsers of the Honda Scoopy, RJ Jacinto and Patti Grandidge. We also discovered that it was RJ Jacinto who composed the Honda Scoopy song that got stuck into our heads. They also showed their own personalized Honda Scoopys where RJ’s had guitars all over it while Patti’s had cupcakes on it.

Honda Scoopy Event RJ Jacinto with President Honda Scoopy Event Bloombrothers

To add to that, RJ Jacinto (together with the Bloombrothers band and the President of Honda Philippines), played it live! RJ would play two more tunes after that (where he showed his guitar skills especially where he played it by putting it behind his head and did some riffs). After that, the event finally closed and the Bloombrothers continued to play and fireworks can be seen in the sky (we didn’t get to see it because we didn’t get out fast enough).

So that ends the event but not for us bloggers as we dined in Itallianis and had good discussions on different stuffs while eating pizza and pasta.

I would like to thank Honda Philippines and Ms. Karen for the invite to the Honda Scoopy Launch Event. It was very successful as it generated a lot of interest and lots of people were there to check out the latest Scoopy).

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