HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

Well, that could be good news but on my part it is bad news as the blogs that were suspended were mine. My Manga blog and Lyrics blog got suspended due to these reasons. – the manga is copyrighted in Japan and by international copyright law, in the US – allows users to stream copyrighted songs without permission from content producers/owners

A sad day indeed for my blogging life and my earnings as my manga blog is a solid earner for me. I need to find something else to recoup for my loses.

First I lost my Google Traffic, now this, what’s next?

22 thoughts on “HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

  1. tsk tsk tsk… bad day talaga…. crap policies… hahahhaa

    yatots last blog post..Writing Poetries

  2. Hirap din ano kapag di natin pag aari ang server…

  3. Hmm.. well nothing you can really do about it since their servers are on US soil so US (no matter how crappy) laws applies. It’s also one reason to choose a semi-known host rather than a well-known one. They’re less strict with the rules unless given a C&D.

    Take it positively na lang as a lesson. There’s still a number of ways to earn OL.

    sylv3rblades last blog post..Soul Calibur IV is a smash hit, nears 2 million in sales

  4. badtrip yan dude… hirap din n2 saken kase may lyrics sites din ako

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  5. That is ruff. I am sorry to hear it. Are you planning on switching to a new host?

  6. That’s quite an ouch, I’d say. Did you backup those sites? You could reset it again someplace else, hehe. But somehow just be grateful that it ended there; who knows how worse it could’ve been.

    keithmaxxs last blog post..The Good that Goes Unnoticed

  7. Thats pretty funny actually… since I was JUSt about to purchase yearly hosting from them. I still probably will, just, I thought this was funny. I’ve heard nothing but good things from entrepreneur blogs like and such…

  8. @Yatot – Yep. A really bad day. What a way to wake up seeing your blogs suspended. 🙁

  9. @Dexter – yeah, especially if they are on the US.

  10. @Sylverblade – Yeah. I guess so. It hurts a lot because my manga blog is earning well for me. I’ll be back to stage one again. Oh well, I’ll just try to build up this blog to take over the manga blog. 🙂

  11. @glenn – I think lyrics sites are safe. My lyrics site had song streaming via youtube and I guess that killed it.

  12. @porch lifts – No, I’ll still be staying. I don’t want to waste my money buying a year’s worth of hosting from them. 🙂

  13. @Keithmaxx – Well, I do have daily back-ups of the database. But the files are gone. Especially all those manga I have uploaded .. gone gone gone.. 🙁

  14. @Ralph – In terms of service, Hostgator is good. I guess they are just strict with the copyright stuffs.. 🙂

  15. Holy crap Allen. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Well, like Sylv said. Take it as a lesson nalang. But if ever naman talaga big money earner mo yung Manga blog, you can always set it up on a different host right? Hehe. At least continue pa rin yung revenues. 🙂

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  16. Yeah, they must be strict with copyright stuff. Kinda like Youtube. MY friend put up a music video of the movie Wanted and within a few hours, his account was gone.
    Speedy. lol

    Ralphs last blog post..My 4 Favorite Make-Money-Online Blogs

  17. If that is the case, Hostgator may have to close 90% of its accounts! Lol.

    Where was this law all these days and why all of a sudden alert?

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  18. @17
    they probably got lax then got nudged by some politician in the states… it’s usually the case.

    sylv3rblades last blog post..Soul Calibur IV is a smash hit, nears 2 million in sales

  19. aray ko po.. hehehe.. mahirap yan.. transfer mo sa ibang host.. tapos point mo din yung domain mo sa ibang host 🙂 or move to blogger. hehe

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..WordCamp Philippines Registration is now Closed!

  20. sir jehz
    wala na daw ung files nung manga blog so… mahirap. Pero yeah, tingin ko ang naging kaso sa manga blog nya is nasa server mismo ung files… kung nakalink lang sya baka iba ang nangyari.

    sylv3rblades last blog’s Cosplay Mania

  21. Next time sa Blogger ka na lang gumawa para libre pa.

  22. […] I can’t believe it! It was late in the afternoon when I arrived from my out of town trip and when I checked my blog, a big FORBIDDEN error message was showing up in my homepage. I was shocked and I was thinking if hostgator deleted this blog too due to copyright issues. […]

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