HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

Well, that could be good news but on my part it is bad news as the blogs that were suspended were mine. My Manga blog and Lyrics blog got suspended due to these reasons. – the manga is copyrighted in Japan and by international copyright law, in the US – allows users to stream copyrighted songs without permission from content producers/owners

A sad day indeed for my blogging life and my earnings as my manga blog is a solid earner for me. I need to find something else to recoup for my loses.

First I lost my Google Traffic, now this, what’s next?

22 thoughts on “HostGator Suspends Blogs due to Copyright Infringement

  1. That’s quite an ouch, I’d say. Did you backup those sites? You could reset it again someplace else, hehe. But somehow just be grateful that it ended there; who knows how worse it could’ve been.

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  2. Thats pretty funny actually… since I was JUSt about to purchase yearly hosting from them. I still probably will, just, I thought this was funny. I’ve heard nothing but good things from entrepreneur blogs like and such…

  3. @Sylverblade – Yeah. I guess so. It hurts a lot because my manga blog is earning well for me. I’ll be back to stage one again. Oh well, I’ll just try to build up this blog to take over the manga blog. 🙂

  4. @Keithmaxx – Well, I do have daily back-ups of the database. But the files are gone. Especially all those manga I have uploaded .. gone gone gone.. 🙁

  5. Holy crap Allen. I’m so sorry to hear about this. Well, like Sylv said. Take it as a lesson nalang. But if ever naman talaga big money earner mo yung Manga blog, you can always set it up on a different host right? Hehe. At least continue pa rin yung revenues. 🙂

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  6. Yeah, they must be strict with copyright stuff. Kinda like Youtube. MY friend put up a music video of the movie Wanted and within a few hours, his account was gone.
    Speedy. lol

    Ralphs last blog post..My 4 Favorite Make-Money-Online Blogs

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