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Due to the blog downtimes I have encountered for this blog, I decided to look for a WebTool that will alert me whenever my blog is down. In that way, I can track the statistics and I can use this to complain to my webhost (hehe). So in my quest, I have found this webtool and…

Introduction to Host Tracker

I would like to introduce to you, HostTracker, A free website monitoring service. HostTracker will keep track of your blog’s uptime and downtime in a periodic interval. Joining HostTracker is easy. All you have to do is to enter your blog title and it will start tracking right away. You can opt to create and account so that you can track the stats and receive alerts.

HostTracker’s Features

HostTracker provides both free and paid services. The differences in between the paid and free services are:

  • Blog checking interval – Free accounts get their blogs checked every 30 minutes while paid accounts can get their blog checked every minute.
  • More URL’s to track – Free accounts are limited to two urls and domains only while paid can track more.
  • Uptime reports – Free accounts get their uptime/downtime reports weekly while paid accounts get theirs daily.

Looking at these three differences, personally I feel that a free account is already acceptable if you are just tracking a single blog like what I’m doing.

You can get notifications via SMS or email. I opted for email because you require SMS credits so that they can send you SMS. Email is better since it can be archived easier and it is free. Here’s a sample of the email they send me everyweek.

HostTracker Email

The only thing missing here is that, you don’t know at what exact time your blog experienced a downtime.

I find this HostTracker very useful especially since my blog is having constant downtimes. I suggest you try it out and share with us what you think about it. Have a nice day everyone.

11 thoughts on “HostTracker – Free website monitoring service

  1. I also tried host-tracker before but aside from weekly summaries, I needed instant notification when the sites I have are down for a certain amount of time.

    Uptime has also been a problem for me just a few months ago, I also have accounts in [free] and pingdom [I got a year free subscription hehe] so I am thankful those notified me asap if my host was down for more than 10 minutes, otherwise it would have been too late for me to find out that my previous host provider have been fluctuating real bad (and eventually went awol) and I would probably be crying over files and databases that haven’t been backed up, etc. ^_^ why not try one of them out, I also have a list of monitoring sites but I haven’t tried each and every url in the list, you’re welcome to have a copy if you’re interested to review a couple of the sites ^_^

    1. Hi Joiz,

      Thanks for the insight. Actually in my experience, I just jumped at the first hit I found in the search engine results hehe. Can you provide me a list? I could spend some time reviewing each of them . Thank you.

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  3. Hi Allen

    You may also want to try Site24x7 – website monitoring service. We also provide free and paid plans. With the free plan you can monitor 2 websites for free at 60 min intervals or above. The paid account provides you much more options such as web application monitoring, email server monitoring, etc.


  4. There another one service which provides such service – Dotcom_Monitor it has lots of features and is rather more cheap that others. I prefer to use paid services because of the opportunity to be sure of stability)

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  6. Thanks for the post..i will try the services from Host tracker..the other i would like to suggest is monitorscout, which offers high quality monitoring services with over 15 monitoring locations across the globe to control uptime and latency for your website and/or server solution.It performs 50 different checks using some of the most superior internet protocols like HTTP, IMAP, POP3, MySQL etc..and also sends you an email or SMS notification in case of Downtime…

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