How do I earn from NuffNang PH?

Have you heard of Nuffnang PH? I joined this blog advertising program last August 2008. I joined it because I was invited and was hearing good things about it…

Nuffnang PH

However, my question for now, is how do you earn from NuffNang PH?I have been a member of Nuffnang PH for more than 6 months but I have yet to earn even just one (1) cent. I added my blog, added the codes and I also passed their requirement of having 20 unique visits per day. What else do I have to do to earn in Nuffnang?

I hope those who are earning from Nuffnang can answer this because I feel like I’m just wasting my ad space for something that doesn’t work. In fact, I’m just giving them free advertising due to their banner there but I’m not getting anything from it.

Update: September 2011. 

Well, I believe it was just a waiting game since the ads are manually approved and added to your blog. They have three types of ad campaigns:

  • Cost per Click (CPC) – You will earn if someone clicks on the nuffnang ad (similar to adsense 🙂 )
  • Cost per Impression (CPI) – You will earn every time the ad gets viewed.
  • Metered Campaign (Buffered) – The advertiser “buys” unique visits from your blog. This is similar to Cost per Impression but it has a limit to the number of impressions.

So to earn from Nuffnang, you just need to do the following:

  • Keep on posting / link building to increase your traffic.
  • Add the nuffnang code to the prominent spaces on your blog so that advertisers would like to advertise in your blog because many people would see them.
  • Be a Glitterati member – Being a glitterati member means more earnings, faster payments (net30 vs net60). To be a Glitterati member, you should not have any ads from South East Asia (Asia) or any of their competitors. Adsense is Ok. You will automatically be placed in glitterati status once you have met that condition.

Well I hope this will help answer the question, “How to I earn from Nuffnang PH?“.

Personally, I haven’t made any cashouts yet but I’m planning to at the end of the month. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “How do I earn from NuffNang PH?

  1. hmmm… you are not ONLY giving them free advertising… you are also giving them a free backlink! and I am not sourgraping here no!!! it’s just the fact!

  2. I’m sure after reading this post, someone from their company will be contacting you soon and explaining what you can do. I I were you, I’d wait for a couple of days, and if there’s no response, then take down their banner.

    1. @Ling, hmm it seems it did not work Ling. Nobody from their company contacted me. I guess I’m one of those disposable bloggers that they don’t care much at all. lol.

      1. @Allen Gurrea,
        Disposable. Ouch tinamaan ako dun lels. I’m even a glitterati (I think that’s the term).

        sylv3rblades last blog post..Monster Hunter G to get online fees

      1. @Allen Gurrea,

        Naglagay ako sa header ko ng codes. Iyon kasi yung palaging hinahanap ng advertisers eh.

        Paul Us last blog post..Guess the pr update contest

      2. @Paul U,

        hmm i just recovered your comment from the spam folder. I wonder why it got flagged as spam. ^_^

        anyway, I have other ads on my header though. 🙁

      1. @Allen Gurrea,

        I just did. Over 15 days Blogbank earned me my VPS payment… now the problem is just getting it ._. pano ba? Alam ko there’s the affidavit… pero what next? How do I get my earnings?

  3. In these tough economic times any loss of revenue is hard to deal with. If you’ve done everything right and you’ve given them over six months I say it’s time to move on to something profitable. Good luck.

    Geris last blog post..The 109 Day Link Building Explosion Day 64

  4. There is no doubt Naffnang works. But the question everybody needs to know before you sign up with Naffnang is :- how much unique visitors does one need to make real money off NaffNang.. Since you say you have 5k to 6k unique visitors a week and you can only make $50.. thats a sad fact for people like me who have only 400 unique visitors a month! So I dont think Im gonna even gonna bother sign up with Naffnang until I can gather more hits.

    And gathering more hits means more updates on my blog, and more updates means more time. I think I just have to stick to my day job. hehehe. There goes my online money makin dreams.

    Thanks for sharing your unique hits cause theres some bloggers out there would prefer to keep theirs a secret. Can I know how much you are making from other ad system like text links or adsense etc. in a month?

  5. @Rose | MN Law Firm, well Rose, from my point of view, that ad space I gave them could be used by others and I could be earning instead of waiting up for them. I’m giving it till the end of this month though.

  6. hi.. akin i have removed the code from nuffnang na..liit ng kita eh.. tapos ma divert pa attention ng visitors dun imbes na sa ibang ads..

    indays last blog post..American Idol Top 10 Revealed!

  7. hi. i think you guys are being duped. i’d get rid of those ads in a jiffy. if you really want to earn online you have to stick to contextual ads or ads that you can serve to a targeted audience. sorry for my ignoramus but contextual ba ang nuffnang? which ones are nuffnang ads on your page ba? can’t seem to recognize them. thanks

  8. Hi, i just wanna ask, how’s your nuffnang doing? I just recently started my blog and I’m quite lost on how to use NuffNang.

    Did you get your answers as to how it works? Thanks!

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