How do you schedule blogging into your daily lives?

Since, right now I am having a hard time balancing my newly found job and my blogging schedule, I would like to ask you, my dear readers, this question…

How do you schedule blogging into your daily lives?

Before I had a job, I could allot of time to blogging since I’m still a bum. I could blog hop for hours, write numerous posts which I can edit later, comment on comments and read on new stuffs without any worries. However, things changed when I got a job. I usually don’t have time anymore in the morning to do these stuffs because I’m at work and in the evening, usefully I’m already tired to do all of these tasks in one sitting.

So what I do nowadays is to schedule a task per night. Let’s say for Monday night, I’m just going to be blog hopping. Then on Tuesday, I’m going to be writing a new post. On Wednesday, I’ll be replying on comments and more blog hopping.. etc.. I am still adjusting to this work life so as you can see, there are days where my blog is very quiet (no new posts).

How about you guys? How do you manage to juggle blogging and your day job or night job? I would be really thankful if you can give advice on this matter. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “How do you schedule blogging into your daily lives?

  1. Wala rin akong formal sked sa blogging. I blog everyday. Nauuna pa nga yung pagblog hop ko keysa pagsulat ko ng sariling entry most of the time. Depende kasi sa mood ko. Minsan, pagnai-inspire ako sumulat, tinatype ko na agad tapos copy-paste na lang then magba-blog hop ako at magbasa then magcomment. Pagbisita nila sa blog mo, may babasahin rin sila and able them to comment kung feel nila. Pero mas maganda talaga pag may sked ka sa pagba-blog. Para walang may masayang na oras.

    Salamat sa pagshare ng idea na to. I-try ko nga magkaroon ng sked dito.

  2. Same here Allen, no fixed time, but my work schedule really is a big plus on my blog life. I only have 3 (or 4) work days.. the rest of the day in the week, I just stay at home at getting fat. 😀

    Before, when no one’s manning our LAN/Internet Shop, I was there during my rest days from work.. blogging. 🙂

  3. I’m seriously thinking of making a schedule for blogging. Currently, I don’t have it. Since I’m still a student while freelancing web designs on the side, my time is pretty random. Sometimes I’m free, sometimes I’m busy. But right now, I’m really putting in some thoughts on making some kind of schedule. Hehe. ^^

  4. b4 impulsive ako mag-post. but then when i analyzed my traffic stats i decided to post during mondays and thursdays. effective naman. currently, busy ako while in vacation? kaya medyo naapektuhan lng ang bloghopping and commenting ko. ok nman ang posts kc nakagawa na ako ng mga drafts. happy friday sau at penge ng HP Pavillion Notebook. wahehe!

  5. We’re in the same boat. I have limited time too. If I have time, I write my blog – mostly on weekends. If I have something to write during the weekdays, I go to the office earlier and start drafting then leave late to continue/finish. Bloghopping? Pasingit singit lang.

  6. Thanks everyone for your insights. I feel guilty because I am not posting as much as I used to do. Usually when I arrive at home at around 8pm or so, I just eat dinner and sleep. Sometimes, I’m too tired to even open the computer…

    Actually, it’s not the workload that’s been giving me the “tired” feeling but the travel from work to home. ^_^

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