Stop Runny Nose

Runny Nose

How do you stop Runny Nose?

Stop Runny Nose
I’ve been going back to the bathroom to wash my nose as it has been constantly dripping with mucus… how do I stop it?

Is this situation familiar to you? I’m sure you have experienced it in your life where you just can’t stop your nose from dripping.

I’m currently suffering from it as well and I’m trying to find some quick solutions to stop my runny nose.

Taking a hot bath

Whenever I take a hot bath, I feel like I could breathe better and for a while, my colds stop. I really want to stay in the bath forever if it would just stop my colds but I can’t. However, this is a nice short term solution. Take a hot bath and breath through the steam, and you will feel relieved of your stuffy nose.

Drink lots of water

I don’t know why but drinking lots of water would sometimes stop this. So every time, I’m suffering from Runny Nose, I would get a glass and drink water once in a while. The only side effect? Well, I would have more frequent trips to the restroom.

Taking Over the counter Medicines

Neozep is one. I usually take two tablets of Neozep and hope that eventually my runny nose would stop. However, neozep makes me drowsy so it’s not a good choice when you are just starting your day. Btw, it’s a good thing that there’s now a Neozep No Drowse variant.

Do you know of other tips on how to stop a runny nose?

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  1. Mix some vaseline in hot boiling water and steam your face with this mixture under a towel tent for 10 minutes. It does wonders to clear your sinuses.

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