How do you upgrade to wordpress 2.3?

When doing your upgrade to wordpress 2.3 , I suggest you test it out by first using a local copy on your computer.

NEVER DO AN UPGRADE ON YOUR SITE WITHOUT TESTING IT OUT LOCALLY FIRST. When you do it locally, you can still recover your local blog when something wrong happens.

Disclaimer: This guide will try to help you in your attempt to upgrade your existing blog to WordPress 2.3. I do not claim that this guide will work for you 100% flawlessly but this is just how I did it. It is up to you if you want to continue reading however, please do not blame me when something goes wrong. ^_^

Backup your whole blog

I sound like a broken record but I have to stress the importance of doing your back up. If you have done my suggested preparations, then I’m sure you have your back ups ready. This is useful when something goes wrong. Personally, I made a booboo on my first attempt and had to restore it using my backups.

Use a local install of wordpress

It would be better if you already have a local wordpress installation that is not yet on wordpress 2.3. Perhaps WordPress 2.2.2 or wordpress 2.2.3 is OK. This is because, when you will start with WordPress 2.3 as your first local wordpress installation, then there is no need to upgrade isn’t it?

Deactivate all your plugins

This is a very important step! You must deactivate all your plug-ins before you do any upgrading on your blog. This will reduce any conflicts you will have when upgrading. I know this is a pain in the butt when you have a lot of plug-ins but its better than to repeat from the beginning because your upgrade process did not work due to a plug-in conflict.

Download WordPress 2.3

Replace some files in your wordpress installation

After you have downloaded wordpress 2.3, you will have to do some replacing in your blog installation folder. A big mistake is to replace everything with wordpress 2.3. Doing so will erase all your themes and plugins. You just have to replace everything EXCEPT the WP-CONTENT folder. DO NOT REPLACE the WP-CONTENT folder at all cost.

Start the upgrade process

After replacement, you can start the upgrade process by typing this in your browser…

*Pictures coming soon if I can log-in to my FTP Client.

Reactivate your plug-ins

Start to reactivate your plug-ins one by one. After reactivating a plug-in, check your blog for any errors. If you see any errors, try to visit the plug-in author’s homepage to see if he has a solution for the error. If a solution can be found, download the updated version, however, if no solution is present then you will have to skip that plug-in and activate other plug-ins. As of typing, my Similar Posts plug-in has an error.

Enjoy WordPress 2.3

You are done. Enjoy!

As of now, I am running wordpress 2.3 locally in my computer since I can’t connect to my FTP to upload my blog. I wonder what’s wrong with my blog’s FTP.

13 thoughts on “How do you upgrade to wordpress 2.3?

  1. I remember from your multiple wordpress installation that you’re hosted in a windows server ? … so locally you;re uwing frontpage or something similar na web server?

    In my case, I would create a temp subdomain a test it there.. but i think your advise on locally is better.. I host mine in a linux box, so i guess either vmware or virtual box is my option

    thanks for sharing

    1. Hmm my multiple wordpress installation works only on a linux webhosting. I can’t do it locally since I’m running windows (using xampp).

      So if you plan to test things out locally, my multiple wordpress blog guide won’t work. ^_^

  2. haha. I never do it locally. I just go for it.

    This is what I do in order.
    1. Backup my database (thats basically the most important thing)
    2. Deactivate all my plugins.
    3. Delete my includes folder/admin folder and the rest of the files in the root except configure php.
    4. Load the new files up via FTP.
    5. update the database.
    6. Reactivate my plugins one at a time to check for compatibility.

    Works everytime!

  3. Pfft, I never test a WordPress update before I make it live, I just go straight from the download to my server. I normally backup my database to my hard-drive, download all of the WordPress files that I currently have from my server before hand and then dump the newer files on top.

    Here is my list:

    1. Backup my database to my hard-drive.
    2. Deactivate all my plugins.
    3. Upload the new files to my server.
    4. Update the database.
    5. Reactivate my plugins one at a time to check for compatibility.

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  5. to trench and Bull3t – there’s nothing wrong with not testing it locally first but I just wanted to make sure since WordPress 2.3 made some major database changes to the database structure that can break your blog if something goes wrong. ^_^ Thanks for you upgrade steps. ^_^

    @Pips – Thank you very much. ^_^

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