How important is pagerank to your blog?

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Just this year, one of the goals I made for the blog is to increasing its pagerank and a week later, I see that goal going down the drain. I got Google Slapped from Pagerank 3 to 0. Why?

Just because of a post!

I mentioned a taboo word and got Google Slapped

If you will take a look at that page, you will know what’s the taboo word. I’m wondering why is it considered a taboo word and it’s enough to get me slapped? I admit, it’s a paid review and I wrote it for the money. Although if you read it, you can see that I’m not just praising the site but I also wrote about my lessons learned about that site.

What’s pagerank for?

I’ll admit that I don’t have much knowledge about pagerank. All I know is that it’s used by Google to rank websites and blogs. It is also used by paid review sites to measure what opportunities you can have. Some advertisers also look at your pagerank as a qualification if they would like to advertise with you or not. What else?

Many people are overjoyed everytime there’s a pagerank update. I was one of these people before. I would go around the web searching for page rank checkers and do a search for my blog on it. But ever since I got slapped, well.. there’s nothing left to check. πŸ˜›

Would pagerank make me money?

Yes and no. It depends on what are you using to monetize your blog.

Yes. If you rely on paid reviews, text link ads and similar monetization programs. They based the opportunities they give you based on your page rank. It’s ironic because joining these programs will put you in risk in getting Google slapped. They need you to have a high pagerank for the reviews but they are also the reasons why your pagerank will suffer.

No. If you rely on contextual ads such as adsense, kontera, adbrite etcetera. These ads can be placed on any blog. It doesn’t matter what your pagerank is. All that matters is your content.

Why am I talking about pagerank all of a sudden?

I’m bitter because I got Google Slapped. If I’d be given a chance to redeem my pagerank, I’ll take it but how? I don’t have a clue how. ^_^

As an ending question, let me ask you this,

How important is pagerank to your blog?

I want to know your opinions so please share. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “How important is pagerank to your blog?

  1. PageRank isnt that important on my blog (on my newest blog now I still have PR 0), the most important is inlinks. As long as I have traffic I couldnt care less about PR πŸ˜‰

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  2. Don’t look at it from a sitewide angle. It’s Page Rank, not Site Rank. Every new page you create, meaning every post you make, has it’s own place on the internet.
    There is a lot you can discuss about PR, including whether or not it is still important, but I’ll just say this – If you have a lot of pages on your site with PR3 or higher, you’re doing good. If you have more than one PR4 page, you’re doing good. If your home page achieves PR5, you’re doing good.

  3. I stopped caring about my PR long ago. It is just a number that Google (which people forget is only one company) has decided what I am worth. I think more of those that come to my site, and to me traffic and subscribers are the better indicator of the value of my site. When the numbers go up there I know I am doing a good job!

  4. @map of new zealand – Hi there, I’m actually thinking of the same thing. Even if my page rank is zero but as long as I still have lots of visitors, I’m happy.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. @Ling – Hi Ling, I see… thanks for the insight. But the problem now is, when I got slapped, all pages were 0 except for the new ones that says, unranked. Since, I got no page rank, I’m doing bad eh? hehe

  6. PR is important for the bloggers who want sell his links.

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  7. Itrush – Hi nhick! What do you mean that higher PR means more traffic? Does PR have an effect on your search engine rankings? My traffic has not dropped even if my PR was dropped. ^_^

  8. Great Post..
    page rank is important..even if you have lots of traffic…improving your page rank is always a good idea

  9. itrush doesn’t make any sense.

    However, at present time, advertisers would prefer a higher page rank and higher traffic. but this may change in the very near future.

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  10. @Blogoloco Mag – Yes they do. But it’s also because of them that bloggers are getting a PR drop. hehe Oh well, soon they will realize that pagerank is not that almighty. hehe

  11. @kuakurta that’s what I used to believe, to increase my pagerank… but I realized, where’s the money in pagerank? I’d rather spend my time looking for ways to earn. ^_^

  12. If you are getting more traffic to your site and see that your page rank is decreasing day by day then that would be just because your website does not contain effective keywords. To increase the page rank you have to Monetize your Blog from which you would get traffic as well as your page rank would get increased. The best way is adding up as many backlinks as you can. I wish google may not slap your website at this time if you are observing and implementing the above things at your site.

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  13. Google Pagerank is important to me because for some reason, more bloggers will visit your blog if the page rank is much higher and they are more likely to keep coming back. I have to admit that I check mine often all though after a mishap on my blog, my pagerank went from a 5 to a 2 by googles standards.

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  15. @mathewbary – Actually the only reason that my pagerank dropped from 3 – 0 is because I engaged in paid links. However, I already asked google for a re inclusion request and it was granted. Would you know when is the next page rank update?

  16. @Gaje Master – Oh I see, do the bloggers really check first the pagerank of a site? I know that some bloggers put a pagerank indicator on their sidebars but what if they don’t just like me? Would they check first the pagerank? (I’m not trying to offend you or something) I’m just trying to know if bloggers really do check the pagerank first because personally I don’t but I’m just a speck in the whole blogosphere. hehe

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