How to add Facebook Comments to your WordPress Blog?

How to add Facebook Comments to your WordPress Blog?

How to add Facebook Comments to your WordPress Blog?

I have been noticing that several blogs are now using facebook for their comments (instead of using the comments feature of wordpress or other external comment management sites such as discuss and intense debate). I want to join the bandwagon because I see that it is a good way to promote your blog too as Facebook can easily make things viral through friends of friends of friends etc…

I did some searches on how it was done and now it is now working my food blog and I’m planning to add it here too. While adding it to this blog, I will document it in this post.

This would be the step by step guide on how to add facebook comments to your wordpress blog.

Updated: January 22, 2012
I replaced the plugins I used. Works better in my opinion.

Facebook Step

      1. Add a new application for your blog – Go to (fan pages doesn’t count.. you need to create an app that you can see when you click on that link.. I learned this the hard way lol).
      2. Take note of two fields (Application ID and Application Secret) as you will need that later.
      3. Get your User Account ID by going here[yourusername]
        Make sure to replace yourusername with your own.

WordPress Step

      1. Install the following plugins
      2. For both of these plugins, input your Application ID, Application Secret and your User Account ID in the settings.

Let me know if you have questions regarding this guide and I will try my best to answer it. 🙂

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PS: why I Can’t get this working on my blog puzzles me.. lol but please it out and let me know if you are getting the same error,

The comments plugin requires an href parameter.

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  1. What do non facebook users see, and how do non-facebook users comment, can you post a comment without it going to facebook

    does it show both comments, does it integrate?

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