How to Apply for a Korean Tourist Visa?

How to Apply for a Korean Tourist Visa?

Recently, I applied for a Korean Visa for our South Korea trip and was successful (got my approved visa in three days). There are different requirements depending on your purpose in visiting Korea but for the sake of this post, let us say that you are going to visit Korea as a tourist (the most common reason).

First step that you need to do is to secure some documents (source is Korean Embassy Website).

  • Korean Visa Application Form – you can either download one from the Korean Embassy Website or you can simply get one from the Embassy itself
  • One Passport Size colored picture
  • Original passport and a copy of the first page (not less than 6 months valid)
  • Photocopy and original of previous and valid visas to U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Korea. (Optional – See Note # 1)

Here are some more additional requirements depending on your status.


  1. Employment Certificate (Original)
  2. Personal Bank Certificate (Original)
  3. Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)
  4. ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)


  • Business Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Registration from the Department of Trade and Industry(DTI) and Mayor’s Permit (photocopy)
  • PERSONAL Bank Certificate (original)
  • Individual Income Tax Return (photocopy)
  • ACR & ICR (for foreign nationals who are resident in the Philippines)

If Personally invited to Korea : Original Invitation Letter and passport copy of the Korean Invitor

If invited by a Company in Korea :Original Invitation Letter & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit

You can also add more supporting documents such as

  • airplane tickets
  • tour package
  • hotel bookings and reservations
  • itinenary

but do note that they will only return your passport so make sure that what you will submit is something that you have a copy of.

Now that you have the required documents, you can now go to the Korean Embassy in Taguig. Here is a map for your reference.

You can ride a taxi to go there (easiest and most expensive option). I don’t know the schedule of the bus but there is a bus stop nearby. What I did before was to ride a jeepney from Market2 that says “C5” then got down at Jollibee near Petron and walked a bit to reach the Korean Embassy.

From the Korean Embassy Website


After completing the required documents, applicants may file their applications at the Consular Office from9-11 am only, Monday to Friday.  This is on a first come, first serve basis.  No appointment is needed.  First time travelers and those who do not have previous or valid visas to U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or Korea must present their documents at Windows 1 or 2. Frequent Travelers, seamen and those who have confirmation of visa issuance number should apply at Window 3.

Processing takes 5 working days for first time travelers and 3 working days for frequent travelers.  This may be extended though, depending on the Consul’s decision.
Releasing time is only from 2-4 pm.

Applicants, especially the First Time travelers, are advised to personally claim their visas.  An interview with the Consul may be required before the result of the application is given.  E-6 Applicants/Entertainers, must personally appear for an interview before the visa can be issued.

Be there as early as you can so that you don’t have to wait long. Based from experience, I was there at around 915am and was able to finish at around 1030am. After submitting your documents and passport, the waiting game begins and I wish you luck in getting your Visa.

When your passport has been released and you were not given a white piece of paper, then congratulations since your application has been approved! 🙂

See you there!

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  1. hi.. i’d like to ask how much does it cost to apply for a korean visa and how long is the validity? i’m residing here in davao and we have no consular office here.


  2. How about if I just graduated from college and do not have work yet? I will not be classified as an employee or a businesswoman. But I want to go to Korea for a trip, as a tourist. I can prove my financial stability with a bank certification. What are the additional documents that I need to submit aside from the basics? Thank you 🙂

  3. hi, i would like to ask what would be the requirements that i need for a korean visa? i’m a fresh graduate and i would like to have a vacation there. do i still need an ITR, and certificate of employment even though i just graduated considering that i don’t have a job yet. or shall i present my parent’s ITR and COE since they are the one who’s supporting me. and how much would i need for the bank account certificate? pls reply. thanks. =)

  4. hello… is it possible to get a visiting visa to seoul korea without ITR, BANK cert..
    … my friend will spend all my expenses…. is invitation letter needed?? thanks.. i hope to hear your reply ASAP… THANKS A LOT… GOD BLESS

  5. hi allen i just want to share my experienced, ive been dinied for two times for touris visa, first when when the korean embassy still at makati, and it was so diferent procedure and they add alot of requirements now, but back then i have invitation letters and all the papers of teh inviters and my documents including my true bank account but i dont know the reason y i got deny…they will never tell u anyway (my experience). then i applied again last May 2011 they were at the fort already…..but things became difrent….and im not qualitfied to anything cuz i wasnt in school and not a business woman…so they told me to tell my bf to come here and just get married here so that the visa will be easy for me (spouse visa….so make sure when u get visa u have all the papers they need from u and be ready for the interview cuz sumtimes it happend…and if u get denied, u can only re-apply after 6months…hahah and i wish we can just go to korea without this pain (Visa!…haahah

  6. Hi. I was invited by my friend in Korea. I used to teach her children here in the Philippines. I don’t have a job now. I’m a registered nurse. 2 years job experience (Korean School). Do I have a chance to get a visa. All I have is invitation.

    I’m hoping for your reply. Thank you.

  7. hi, actually magpro2cess pa lng me ng papers ko 4 a tourist visa,gradaute ako ng nursing and then my sister decided na pumunta ng korea just to visit them and her korean husband kc dpa kmi halos nagkita nung tao and he wanted to meet me p[ersonally. ano ba ang dapt kong gawin para dme madeny ng visa. first tym ko kc magtour and no yet experince pa. pero halos magsponsor skn eh sister ko.

    1. Hi im want to visit korea coz I want to experienxe there costom and tradition
      Ex korean food .tradional heritage clothing and many more historical places
      And to see my korean drama and music idol

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