How to Apply for NBI Clearance?

How to Apply for NBI Clearance?

NBI Clearance Victory Central Mall

Last Updated: August 5, 2011

There’s now a new location and the NBI Clearance center at Victory Mall is no longer operating. Please be advised of the new locations below.

I recently got my NBI Clearance in just an hour. When I asked around, they told me it would take hours to even half a day so I was ready to allot one day just to get a NBI Clearance but I was glad there was a faster way to get one (and no, you don’t need to get a “fixer” as that’s illegal and they cannot help you even if they claim they can).

Ok, so let us start this mini-guide. This is a guide for NEW APPLICANTS only ok? I haven’t tried renewal yet so that will be in another post.

Where to go?

Aug 5 Update
New locations:
Ever Gotesco Grand Central (3rd floor, Cinema 5)
Rizal Avenue Extension (Monumento), Caloocan City
SATURDAY – 10:00AM TO 7:00PM
No. of applicants that can be accommodated: 500 persons
Ever Gotesco Manila Plaza (3rd floor, Cinema 3)
C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila
SATURDAY – 10:00AM TO 7:00PM
No. of applicants that can be accommodated: 500 persons

I went to the NBI Clearance branch in 5th Floor, Victory Central Mall. Here’s a map for you.

Things to bring:

  • Cash

It would depend on the purpose of your application for NBI Clearance.

Purpose Amount
A. Naturalization, Cancelation on ACR, Repatriation PHP 415.00
B. Change of Name, Business License,
NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA
requirements, Permit to Carry Firearm.
PHP 165.00
C. Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement,
Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC
for RTO, Marriage Requirement.
PHP 115.00
D. Local Employment, Customs Pass ID, Enlistment
AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and
Other Requirement
PHP 115.00

Mine was to travel abroad. Try to know your purpose before hand.

Great TIP!!!

If your purpose is C or D, try to bring PHP115.00 in this denomination
One (1) 100 Peso bill and
three (3) 5 Peso coin.

The reason for this is that, they have machines that will accept your payments faster than the manual way of paying to the cashier. This is actually the time-saver for me as the line for the cashier was very very long!

  • Spare change

Around PHP10 – for the cloth to clean your fingers after fingerprinting — nice business they have

  • 2 Valid IDs

Any of these will do.

  1. Company I.D
  2. Current School I.D
  3. Voter’s I.D.
  4. Postal I.D
  5. Driver’s License
  6. P.R.C License
  7. Valid Passport
  8. Valid ATM Card with Picture
  9. GSIS e-Card
  10. SSS I.D with Picture
  11. A.C.R or Alien Certificate of Registration (for Aliens)
  • Ballpen
  • 2×2 picture (although I wasn’t able to use it)
  • Envelope (optional – else you can buy them for PHP 5.00. Treat it as an NBI clearance protector)

What to do? (Step by step procedure)

Step 1 – Data verification

You will fill up an application form and submit it together with two valid IDs.

Step 2 – Payment

Here you will fall in line (a very long one outside, then another long one inside). However, if you followed the great tip, you can avoid the long line inside. Keep the receipt!

Step 3 – Fingerprinting

Prepare to have dirty fingers!

Step 4 – Photo Capture

A photo of you will be taken.

Step 5 – Data entry

They will input your data into their computer and they will give you back your receipt.

Step 6 – Release

Pass the receipt and you can now get your clearance. Upon exiting the place, you will have to stamp your right thumb on the clearance.


  • Cedula is not required. Ignore those people that are trying to sell you that. It is fake and not needed. You might get thrown in jail for falsified documents.
  • Be there as early as you can. I was there at around 845am and the long line was only on step 2. By the time I went out at around 945am, even step 1 already has a long line.
  • Make sure to bring the right amount of cash (see great tip above)
  • No need to bring a car as you can simply commute (for Victory Central Mall)

So there you have it,

Till next time,


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  1. NBI clearance, here in our province would normally take two weeks. But the good thing is there’s no long queue.

    Btw, did you know that is going to offer huge discounts for their dermatological and cosmetic surgery services on next week?

    This is really exciting news! I do hope you guys can check it out. Go buy some vouchers to give as gifts to friends and family who are graduating soon! 😀

  2. just to save my time 4 looking coz i still have work so it may save me more time just merely finding the machine…… is the machine your saying is easy to find??

  3. few hours? talaga lng ha. dhil galing ako kahapon dun pra kumuha ng nbi, ang pila ay halos sinakop na ang daanan ng sasakyan sa monumento. at wla na sa victory mall ang nbi, nsa ever mall na, pagbaba na pagbaba ng lrt. ang pangit na nga ng patakaran ngyn ng nbi, mas lalong pumangit. mas maganda pa nung nasa carriedo pa ang nbi, marami mang tao pero 1 day processing lng, kuha mo na agad ang nbi mo. wla pang kalahating araw. sana nga hndi nlng tinanggal yun nsa carriedo.

  4. kinabukasan uli babalik nanaman ako. anong oras ako pumanta dun 7am, pero wla pang 1st 500 nag cut off na sila, porket alas dos na ng hapon sila inabot. sana nmn maging maayos na ang nbi, dhil ngyn lalo atang gumulo, sa dami ng nangangailangan ng nbi sana naman mabgyan nyo ng maayos na serbisyo ang lahat ng mga aplikante ng nbi. gaya nlng sa pag aayos ng requirements, imbis na isang araw lang nagiging dalawang araw ang pagkuha ng nbi, at ngyn 1 week pa bgo makuha ang nbi. di gaya sa carriedo noon, isang araw lng. at yung mga lugar na paglilipatan nyo sana nman siguruhin nyo na malaki, at kayang punan ang dami ng nag aapply ng nbi. sobrang gulo ng nbi clearance sa monumento ever gotesco mall. try nyo pumunta, pila palang hndi na organize.

  5. i just want to ask, i’m applying now in a call center company, for csr position and i am only high school graduate, but i’m in legal age already, im 18 already, but the company needs the nbi clearance so that i could apply. and my question is, that it is written as part of requriment to get an nbi clearance is a valid i.d. the problem is i don’t have any valid i.d. so what would replace it?? and besides. it’s almost 1 1/2 years since i stop and i need a job. i improvise an i.d. the i.d. that can be bought and fill up in national bookstore. and i don’t think so it could work. so please help me. please reply soon to my email address.

    1. could birth certificate can be an alternative or cedula what?? i don’t know please help. i already email the nbi just a while ago. and i’ll just wait for their reply. and i also tried to call their contact number but it seems it don’t have a dial tone arg!

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