How to back up your blog – Introduction

If you have read my previous on why you should back up your blog, then perhaps now you are wondering how do you back up your blog. This post does not have the technical details yet but this will serve as an introduction.

There are two types of back up you can do for your blog.

  1. Back up the contents of your blog
    This pertains to your blog posts, categories, labels and pages. This could be anything that you have written for your blog. For most people, this is the more important of the two types since this is the life of your blog. Usually you can find the contents of your blog stored in a database.
  2. Back up the template/plug-ins/files
    This pertains to your templates, plug-in or simply the folder where your blog is stored. If these files gets lost, your blog will be physically unavailable. You know of the 404 not found error right? That is what you will get if these files gets lost.

So what can you back up?

If you are on blogger beta…

You can back up your layout. However, when you have to save the contents of the widgets manually since they are not included in the layout code. You can also back up your posts.

If you are on blogger classic…

You can back up your template and your posts.

(If you want to know if you are running blogger classic or blogger beta, check your dashboard. Template = classic; layout = beta)

If you are on…

You can only back up your content. The theme and widgets can’t. However, you can still manually copy paste the contents of your widgets.

If you are running a self hosted blog…

You can back up everything! ^_^

These are the blogging platforms that I have had experiences so if you know how to back up the other blogging platforms, please do tell me and I will put it here (cited to you of course). Thank you!

11 thoughts on “How to back up your blog – Introduction

  1. pag sinabi po bang “backup everything” (am using self hosted blog) pwedeng idownload yung lahat-lahat from FTP? ^_^ teka, magulo ata tanong ko…

    sori to hear bout the break up.. btw.

    1. Yes you can do that. However what you will getting from FTP will not be “everything”.

      You can download only your wordpress files (which is # 2: templates/plug-ins/files). I would suggest that you use the CPANEL guide if you want to back up your self hosted blog. ^_^

  2. I’m relatively new to WP, like barely a month. Then an upgrade goes live. Thanks for the heads up and tips on making back-ups! This will come in real handy.

  3. i’l make my spam enabler ready.. 🙂
    looking forward of reading your post ’bout it..

    by the way, i’ve tagged you ..hope you can spare some of your precious blogging time on it … 🙂


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