How to be a Paypal Verified User?

How to be a Paypal Verified User?

Getting verified in Paypal is an important step to achieve if you want to continue buying/sending money via paypal.

I only learned about this when I was about to pay my webhost, HostGator, for my hosting plan when I realized I cannot pay anymore because I have exceeded the sending limit and the only way out of it was to become a Paypal Verified User.

Basically this will happen if you want to become a verified paypal user:

  1. Paypal will ask you for a credit card for them to charge you
  2. They will charge you $1.95 in your credit card
  3. Wait for your credit card statement
  4. Check your credit card statement and see an entry that starts with PP *XXXX ….
  5. Input the four digit number (XXXX in step 4) in your paypal account to get verified

Easy isn’t it?

This process made me panic before because I only use paypal to pay for my hosting fees. Good thing I applied for a credit card just late January 2010 else I would not have been able to pay for my bills and we can say goodbye to this blog =(

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  1. In order to become a verified user use must have a banking account number and a routing number. your savings account should have a routing number. It listed on the bottom of checks right beside the account number. But this is how you get verified by paypal.

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