How to Claim Car Insurance Guide? (Philippines)

How to Claim Car Insurance Guide? (Philippines)


Last February, my car was unfortunately a victim of a hit and run accident. A fast moving tricycle on the opposite lane suddenly swerved into my lane and hit the left rear portion of my car. Of course, that #%(*(%@* tricycle driver didn’t even stop to check but just moved on like nothing happened.

Since the damage was big, I wanted this to be repaired via a casa so that I’ll be sure of quality. It was a good thing that my car was insured so I can definitely use it and lessen the expenses on my side.

The requirements to file an car insurance claim would be the following:

  • Photocopy of Original Receipt / Car Registration (or OR/CR) of the Car
  • Photocopy of Driver’s License and Receipt
  • Photocopy of Insurance Policy
  • Police Report (non hit and runs) or Affidavit (for hit and runs)
  • Pictures of the damage portion (ensure that 1 picture has the license plate)
  • Repair Estimate (got this from the casa)

Once you have gathered all these documents, you can now submit and file your insurance claim. When submitting your documents, please ensure that you have a transmittal letter for them to sign. This would ensure that they have received your documents and in the case that they would tell you later on that they didn’t receive it, you have proof that they did (happened to me already).

The insurance company would now call the casa and haggle on the prices. Once done, they will give you a letter of authority which basically allows the casa to repair your car based on the price agreed between the car insurance and the casa (or any repair shop). You would notice that the price quoted the original estimate is higher than the approved price estimate. This is normal.

With your letter of authority, you can now proceed to the casa and have your car repaired. The entire process took me around three months to finish from accident to release of car. This was caused by delays due to the learning process on how to file an insurance claim, delays in approving the claim (due to vacations) and delays in the casa. But all is well now and my car is repaired.

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