How to Disable HP Launcher from HP Simplesave?

How to Disable HP Launcher from HP Simplesave?

One of the complaints that I usually read from people using the HP Portable / External Hard disks is the presence of the bundled software called SimpleSave.

By default, this software will run the moment you plugged in your hard drive and accept the user license agreement. It will give you a count down timer (around 20 seconds or 30? ) then it will start the back-up process. It will still show you what it will back-up before it does the actual back-up. After that, it will give you a report then stay at your system tray then after a few minutes, it will do a back-up again and it will repeat this process until you go mad.

For me, one back-up at least once a week is enough so after I run the program and it minimizes it to the system tray, you could simply right click then pick close.

Now what if you want to disable it from running all together? Here are some suggestions that will work for you.

  1. Reformat the hard disk before using it. If you format the disk, you remove everything on it and also this bundled software. However, I have read that it will not remove the extra drive it adds to your computer (HP uses two drives which I have no idea). I did not go with this option because when I checked, it is already in NTFS and I will only format if it is still in FAT or FAT32.
  2. Disable your autorun. This is what I did. Aside from disabling the autorun of HP Simplesave, you will also make your computer much safer especially if you have a lot of friends that will stick their who-knows-where-they-have-been-used-before flash drives on your laptop. As you know a lot of viruses abuse the autorun of a flash drive waiting for the moment it gets inserted into a computer. (Learn how to disable your autorun here)

So there you have it, two solutions for this simple problem. Pick one and enjoy your choice. Btw, option 1 cannot be reversed so make sure you are decided to delete it once and for all.

7 thoughts on “How to Disable HP Launcher from HP Simplesave?

  1. I get an error messsage everytime I try to eject hp launcer after I backup with Simple Save “An error occurred while ejecting cd drive(F): HP Launcher. What is my next step?

  2. The Simple Save md1000h External Hard drive is showing up as a “CD Drive (F:) HP Launcher” with space remaining shown as “0 bytes free of 884 KB” and won’t allow to save anything. Is there any solution on how to bypass this problem? Please do let me know. Thanks.

  3. Simplest solution: I’ve went to the disk’s properties, double clicked on the “HP virtual CD”, went to “driver” and disabled the driver. That CD is gone, and I can always enable it if I want to.

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