How to file a Google Reinclusion Reconsideration Request

What if… one day, you wake up, check your blog’s stats and discovered that you have lost a great amount of traffic because Google dropped your rankings in Googel Search. What would you do?

Well, the first thing you should do is DO NOT PANIC! It won’t solve anything. Then you should file a Google Reinclusion Request or a Google Reconsideration Request.

What kind of request is a Google Reconsideration Request

Basically, it is a request where you write a letter to Google asking them to forgive you for your sins and return you to your previous rankings in the search engine results. It used to be called as Google Reinclusion Request but to make it sound better, they made it Google Reconsideration Request.

How to make a Google Reconsideration Request?

In order to make this tutorial more easier to understand, please view this video instead. It is a video that Yatot shared to me.

In a nutshell…
So if you think that Google has dropped your rankings, you need to file a Reconsideration Request. However, before you do that, make sure to fix all the problems in your website that made Googel drop you in the first place.

Here are the common mistakes.

  • Hidden Links
  • Peyd Links or Peyd Posts
  • Keyword stuffing

For more info, please read the Google Webmaster Guidelines. As of now, I have no choice but to submit to Googols power because I’m still not getting enough traffic from other search engines. I’ll be filing a reconsideration request soon and I hope that my search engine rankings will be back. Wish me luck.

30 thoughts on “How to file a Google Reinclusion Reconsideration Request

  1. Wish you luck, Allen. Still don’t understand why you need to fight Google like this. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

  2. @Ling – Hi Ling, I think the only rule I’ve broken is to engage in peyd posts. However, I have read their guidelines and it seems that they allow it as long as it has the “nofollow” tag so I added them to each post. I hope it is enough to appease them.

  3. @Dexter – Thanks! Mine doesn’t show up at all. If they do show up, they are at the farthest places such as on page 30 or something…

  4. @Bowtro – Yeah, learn from my experience and sufferings. If you rely on search engine traffic and it suddenly goes boom! You will feel that your blog is near to death state. ^_^

  5. It was not because of paid links – it was because they had gotten a little sloppy with the website and had some broken links. When they fixed the problems, they were back up. Neither they nor I have paid for links.

  6. Well I think before you email google, you should wait a week or so. Because many times especially if it’s a new site, Google will Google dance your rankings. It’s very normal to loose your rankings at the beginning stage and for them to come back in a week or even you get back sometimes higher. But I don’t know about older sites because I never lost a ranking in an older site.

    Joey Martinis last blog post..Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 2

  7. @Joey Martin – Hmm well, this blog ain’t new because it’s already been up for a year. My only guess is that due to my peyd links. I filed my google reinclusion request after I edited all my posts to follow the google webmaster guidelines.

    1. I just checked your blog. It is still relatively new. Do keep on commenting on other blogs to bring exposure to your blog and slowly but surely, the traffic will increase.

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