Facebook Upload Photo fireuploader

How to Fix Facebook Upload Photo Problem?

How to Fix Facebook Upload Photo Problem?

How to Fix Facebook Upload Photo Problem?

Have you experienced uploading to facebook only to see the uploader widget on your lower right side stuck on 0% or if it moves, after waiting you will see the message upload failed?

It is very frustrating especially when you want to upload lots of pictures and Facebook is getting all buggy on you. Well in order to solve this, you have some options, either find a way to make the Facebook Photo Uploader work on your computer or use a 3rd party photo uploader in facebook.

Let us start first with making the Facebook Photo Uploader work.

  • It may be your browser. I currently have Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. The most failure in uploads I got was when using Chrome. I usually use firefox in uploading photos and it has a higher rate of success. I have no experience in using Internet explorer in uploading pictures
  • It may be your java version. The facebook photo uploader uses java so you may want to update to the latest java JRE where you can get on http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp
  • Try uploading a few photos at a time. Instead of uploading them all in one batch only to see them fail, try uploading them in batches of 5 – 10. Sometimes this is my only way in making photo uploads successful in Chrome.

If these doesn’t work, I won’t blame you. It is really buggy so a lot of people move to 3rd party photo uploaders. Let us start with the following :

  • FireUploader – (works with firefox only) . This is a plug-in for firefox that can upload your pictures to facebook via drag and drop (the interface is similar to fireFTP , I’m not sure if they are the same creators). Very easy to use!
    Facebook Upload Photo fireuploader
  • Picasa Uploader – Requires that you have Picasa Application installed on your computer. I haven’t tried this yet because I’m already happy with fireuploader.
  • Facebook Photo Uploader – Rejoice Chrome fans as there’s now a¬†extension¬†to chrome that can help us upload photos to facebook easily just like how easy it is to upload on firefox via fireuploader.

I hope this has helped you as I have shared your frustrations in failed facebook photo uploads. Enjoy uploading photos in facebook.

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    1. Allen Michael Gurrea Trying to upload photos to Facebook, I have spent $314 getting my computer upgraded, a new modem uninstalled Adobe Flash 11.2 and didn't work. Reinstalled it & didn't work. Jane I am with you for my admin pages I upload 800+ photos a week and it kicked in for me last Thursday afternoon too. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER???????

  1. I was trying to upload 2 pictures on FB, the darn clock or moving squares didn’t stop. I am talking about a five minute wait before I give up. I am using Windows Photo Gallery (photos are about 3gb Jpeg). Help!

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