How to fix Laptop hitting 100% usage when Power Adapter Connected

Laptop hitting 100% usage when Power Adapter Connected

I hope I managed to write a good description of my problem because I am currently experiencing this problem now on my laptop. Here is how this started…

I was playing some online games when I realized I was late for work so I did a shutdown of my laptop in haste and placed it on my bag. Yes, the laptop hasn’t cooled down yet when I placed it on my bag. I traveled to the office and I can feel some heat in my backpack (where my laptop is) and when I arrived at the office, I can still feel some heat.

I setup my laptop on the desk, plugged the power adapter,  and upon turning it on, it was very slow. After showing the Windows loading screen, the screen would turn black and I was thinking that maybe something is wrong or it hanged. I did a force shutdown and turned it on again. The same thing happened so I simply waited for it. After a few minutes, it managed to reach the windows log-in screen, I logged in and waited for my applications to start. It was very slow!

I opened task manager and saw that my CPU usage was a constant 100%! I tried manually killing some of the processes but the usage was still the same so I turned it off again (properly).

I talked to my friends and they said I might have a virus (what? again?) but one of them said that it might be a problem to my power adapter. So I tried running the laptop on batteries only and it was running normally. The time from boot-up until log-in was very fast (the way I want it to be). However, when I plugged in the adapter, cpu usage went 100% again. Then I pulled out the plug, cpu usage died down. I did it like for 5x just to be sure on the theory that laptop is hitting 100% usage when plugged in.

I thought I would be stuck on borrowing adapter’s from other people when a friend of mine lifted the laptop then placed it back down, and the problem disappeared. I was shocked and asked what did he do. He answered that he just looked at something then placed it back down. So in essence, he just moved the laptop. I was amazed and turned off the laptop. I opened it again to see 100% cpu usage and I tried moving the laptop left and right, up and down, and in whichever direction until the 100% cpu usage disappears. It works!

Workaround / Solution

So basically, if this is your problem, you can try moving your laptop around or better if you move the adapter, place it on the left, place it on the right or wherever you want. I even tried to tangle and untangle the cords until the usage is back to normal. I know this isn’t the best technical solution but currently, I’m doing this stop the 100% cpu usage.

As of the moment, the problem has not reoccurred.

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