How to get links to your blog?

How to get links to your blog?


I’ve been doing some readings lately and I’ve seen a similar tip all over the internet. In order for you website/blog to be successful, you need to have a lot of quality links going to your site.

The purpose of links and why you need them

Links are very important to a blog. When a site links to you, you gain exposure from that site. Also, the number of links are also used by search engines to rank your site for a particular keyword. For example, I have to rank high for the keywords, Synergy Global International or PSP Games Download, then I would need lots of links pointing to these posts. Think of links as votes for your posts. Search engines think that the more links you have, the more people like your work so it should be important enough to be ranked high in the search engine results.

How to get links to your blog?

Now that you know the importance of links to your blog, you now need to get links. How do you get them?

  1. Link Exchanges – You can simply do a link exchange with other websites/bloggers. You can contact them and ask for a link however, you should also link to them.
  2. Link from your other blogs – I see a lot of bloggers using this technique. They have other blogs where they exchange links with their main blog. Now this is easier but you have to at least make sure that your other blogs are active too.
  3. Comment on other’s blogs – This is only helpful when a blog allows comments. Whenever you type in a comment, you have a choice of writing your name and your url. You can use that to add in the URL you want to gain a link with but please don’t spam.
  4. Buy Text Links – Although not really a good practice in the eyes of search engines, if you have the cash, you can do this easier way to gain links. But just a word of warning, you ca

How to make a good or proper link?

Not all links are equal. If you want to maximize the effect of the link to your blog/site, you need to use the anchor text and link address properly.

The anchor text must usually be your keyword that you are trying to optimize. In my example above, I used the anchor text, “synergy global” because I want to optimize these keywords. If I used Silkenhut as the anchor text, then I would have been optimizing the wrong keyword. Also having the correct anchor text will make people more likely to click on it as they will find it relevant to what they are reading.

The link address is best used to link to single posts and not on the homepage. The homepage are easily accessible but the more important parts of our site are our individual blog posts.

So take these two things in consideration and you can really help boost your search engine rankings. I for myself am going to start adding for links to my blog.

Thanks for reading! ^_^

18 thoughts on “How to get links to your blog?

  1. Well, it helps if you write good content, which other webmasters like so much that they link back to your posts without your having to ask. So I’d suggest you learn more about your subject, and become an expert, so other people will give you ‘votes’ without you having to ‘buy’ them. 🙂

  2. some crashes into a site and demand for links.
    others have some commenting strategies like choosing those with commentluv plug-in.
    you can be a top commentator for those with the plugin installed.
    you can also be a top dropper for those sites who publish their monthly top entrecard droppers.
    offline networking works too
    submit posts to article directories
    There are so many sources of links

    cebloggers last blog post..My Blog’s New Look

  3. it works if I onl;y have one blog. if I have many its hard to ask exchange link for each blogger
    Btw nice tips

  4. I think Ling is right that having good content, also called link bait, that people will want to link to is the best way, but of course almost everyone has to do some un-natural link building.

    I have a few projects, well I guess they are ideas really because they are still in the planning stages, for some of my blogs. I want to create some javascript link bait calculators, that will hopefully serve to get others to link to my blogs.

  5. I’m not of fan of purchasing links and I have exchanged a few if the other site is relevant to mine. Commenting on DoFollow blogs and using good anchor text works best for me. And of course it helps to have an informative blog which I think you do.


  6. Dude,

    For the purpose of link building, I was submitting my homepage to the free directories and was gaining links in a huge number; the result, google dropped my page rank. I wasn’t selling links nor writing any paid reviews or anything of that sort but still the penalty due to large incoming links so quickly. Checkout the details on my latest post. So link building should be done optimally, step by step, and not heavily.

    Medical Transcription Blogs last blog post..Why Google Dropped My Page Rank To Three? An SEO Lesson Learned!

  7. @Medical Transcription Blog – I think that that Google detected that you have gained a lot of links in a short span of time. However, you should still continue building up your links… ^_^

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