How to know if you are in Comelec’s list of Official Voters?

How to know if you are in Comelec’s list of Official Voters?
How to know if you are in Comelec's list of Official Voters?

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I saw this getting spread via facebook and I would like to spread it to all my readers here in too. You can check if you are in the list of Comelec’s registered voter list by going to the comelec website and enter your Info such as name and date of birth.

Link of Voters

Precinct Finder

Find your Precinct


Here is a screenshot of the form you can see in the webpage


Comelec Registration Form

Please spread to every one. You should verify if you are a registered voter because in less than one month, it will be the Philippine Elections and like what they say, every vote counts!

My name is not there! Why?

If you are a registered voter and but the website says so other wise, do not panic. Double check your entries. There should be no wrong spelling and you should have entered your name correctly. Your date of birth should be correct also.

I noticed that this form doesn’t have any wildcard searching but it relies on exact matches on your name. So “Ma” is different from “Maria”. It should be the exact name, no more no less.

To quote the website, here is something else you can do
If you think your registration record should be active, and this SEARCH facility gives you a negative result, please verify with the local COMELEC Office where you are registered. You may also send an e-mail to the regional office or provincial office which has jurisdiction over your city/municipality of registration.

I hope this has helped. Please spread!

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19 thoughts on “How to know if you are in Comelec’s list of Official Voters?

  1. well, the problem is COMELEC spelled my name wrongly. i’m wondering how many people had a hard time finding their names because COMELEC misspelled their names.

  2. nina viojan says:

    where is my pooling precint?

  3. alfredo oquindo says:

    I want to know if i am included in voers list

  4. Thanks for the share. I saw this in the news but I forgot to look into this. Tomorrow is the big day. I pray for a peaceful, fair and honest election.

  5. why is the service unavailable?

  6. analyn villapana says:

    i cant find my name in the voters list

  7. Jessica Parado says:

    hi welcome to this page…

  8. to

  9. According to hindi ako naka-rehistro. Bakit nangyare yun e nasa tamang edad naman ako:'(

  10. Lovelyn H.Sicam says:

    assigned precinct

  11. Can we see and verify our name and voters precint thid time?

  12. Thank you so much of sharing this information! God bless you po. 🙂

  13. Hi, I need help. I just checked, the website is no longer up. Where else can I check my info?

  14. i can’t go to that website

  15. Can’t access comelec’s website