How to Mass Delete Twitter Direct Messages? (DM)

How to Mass Delete Twitter Direct Messages? (DM)

 How to Mass Delete Twitter Direct Messages? (DM)

When I first started with twitter, I was using it to promote my blog and that means that the more followers I have, the more exposure I can get. Due to this, I researched on ways to gain more followers and that usually involves following a lot of users.

I stopped that practice when I realized that I can use twitter in a much more meaningful way instead of making it like a robot spewing out links on a periodic basis. I started to clean-up my twitter following/followers and also started deleting the automated direct messages I have received/sent.

However, this became a tedious task as I have seen hundreds of DMs and I was deleting them 1 by 1. Surely there has to be an easier and more automated way.

Here’s the tools the I found that can help.

DMCleaner (

DMCleaner - Delete your Twitter DMs

The first tool I used and I found this a bit restrictive as it relies on patterns in order to find and delete the DMs (direct messages). On my part, it’s a good thing that the DMs that were sent can be grouped into a pattern so I can still use this.

InboxCleaner (

InboxCleaner - Delete your Twitter DMs

Upon logging in, I noticed that you can only delete up to 10 messages a day for free else you need to buy the full version. I also noticed that it got more results (total number of DMs) as compared to DMCleaner.

Trying to delete more than 10 messages would give you this.

You have reached the daily limit of 10 messages/day. Please upgrade to delete more messages.

TweetWax (

This is supposed to be another cleaner of direct messages but currently the domain has expired so I can’t use it yet.

So how about you? What tools do you use to clean your direct messages in twitter aside from the manual method?

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