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How to Pay Overdue Meralco Bills?

How to Pay Overdue Meralco Bills?

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Due to my miss in planning, I wasn’t able to retrieve my Meralco Bill when I went home to Iloilo last December so I wasn’t able to pay on time. The punishment for not being able to pay on time was that I lost the privilege of paying my bill online via BPI and I need to go to a payment center in order to settle it.

I did some research and found that a few bayad centers accepts overdue bills but I wanted to be sure so I went to a Meralco Business Center and settled it there (glad there was one nearby). Although the line was long, I was able to finish in less than an hour. If only those who pays in cheque follows the instructions given, then I believe it would have been faster for everyone.

Here’s what you need to do to pay your overdue bills.

  1. Head over to a Meralco Business Center and fall in line under payments
  2. If paying in cash, just give your bill and the cash.
  3. If paying in cheque, write your name, address, telephone and SIN # at the back of the cheque beforehand.
  4. Wait for a few seconds and walk out a happy person.

For a list of Meralco Business Centers, visit this site:

Hope this helps!

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14 thoughts on “How to Pay Overdue Meralco Bills?

  1. tanong ko lang paano kung naputol at nakuha na rin ang metro ..tapos gusto ko sya
    bayaran ng buo para hindi na lumakki ang interest.kaya lang andito ako sa dubai ayoko namang ipadala sa pinas ang pera dahil hindi rin naman naibabayad ..meronn bang lugar dito sa dubai na pwede ako magbayad kahit putol at may demand letter na ang meralco?

  2. I did not receive my billing statement for the month of May, and my due date was on the 3rd of May. Called up MERALCO and they said that they will be sending me a new copy of my statement. My due date has lapsed and not statement yet. Was told to use my old statement to pay my bill, LBC would not accept my payment unless I present original statement. I was told to just settle my account with MERALCO branch. The reason why I opted to pay at LBC, was primarily convenience, since it was just a few blocks from my place of business. Now, I had to go to the MERALCO branch to pay my bill, which is very inconvenient for me, considering the time and effort. WHY SHOULD THE CUSTOMER SUFFER FOR MERALCO’S INEFFECIENCY!

    Hernan RSJ

  3. For the very first time, I failed to pay online before the due date. Strange but I didn’t receive a hard copy of the SOA. Q1: how can I pay through the bayad center without a bill? Q2: should i just wait for the next bill? My bill is just less than P200.00. Thanks

  4. How long is the leeway period after due date to pay for Meralco bill? There was some emergency situation where I have to be confined in the hospital and the medical bill is staggering. This may affect my ability to pay my Meralco bill on time – however, by next payday or next billing cycle I am sure to pay it all off. I am just concerned and I do not want my electric meter cut off. There should be some leeway for situations like this? With my water bill, I sometimes forget to pay on time so what I do by next billing cycle I pay the complete bill (last month and current month) in full with no problems.

  5. i did not receive my bill and received only a disconnection notice. tried calling textiing and contacting meralco but they’re out of reach. wtf now i have to go to their main office pa just to settle. so much burden for a busy schedule

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