How to point Nameservers of Namecheap Domains to Bluehost?

How to point Nameservers of Namecheap Domains to Bluehost?


This will be a short guide of something I just did a few minutes ago.

I need to create a new blog so I brought a domain from Namecheap and I plan to host it at Bluehost. The question here is how do you assign the domain you just bought from Namecheap to Bluehost?

The answer is easy! You will need to make a nameserver change on your domain so that instead of using Namecheap, it will use Bluehost. Your domain will still be visible at Namecheap but if you try to access it on your browser, it will point to bluehost (instead of a Namecheap parked page).

So let’s start this tutorial. (2 steps only)

Namecheap - Change Existing Domain Name Server Information

Go to your Namecheap account under Manage Domains then click on “Domain Name Server Setup”. Choose “Specify Custom DNS Servers” and input the following in the fields.



Save and with this change, we are now ready to assign your domain to Bluehost.

BlueHost Domain Manager

Go to your control panel in Bluehost and go to Domain Manager. Click on Assign and there will be four steps for you to accomplish in that page.

  1. Input your domain name
  2. Verify Ownership (if you have done the nameservers change, you will not need this anymore)
  3. Choose Add-on vs. Parked – Go for Add-on
  4. Choose Addon directory and Subdomain – Create a new directory
  5. Click on Assign this domain

That’s it! You are done! After you do all these steps, you can now start building your blog with BlueHost as your host and Namecheap as your domain registrar.

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