How to relieve back pain caused by cold or lamig?

How to relieve back pain caused by cold or “lamig”?

As a constant victim of back pain, I need to be cured from this!
Back pain caused by cold or “lamig”

Here in the Philippines, when we have back pains, our first option would be to get a massage. When in the massage, we tell them that our back hurts and their usual answer would be, it is because of “lamig” or cold. To get rid of this “lamig”, they would knead a part of your back (usually in the shoulder blades area) and you will feel pain. It is like touching your veins but it is hard, and through¬†continuous¬†pressure, they will break the “lamig” apart then move on to other areas in your body.

Usually the “lamig” stays in the following (based on my last massage):

  • Back – near shoulder blades
  • your traps (beside the neck)
  • legs (calf muscles)
  • fingers

What causes “lamig”?

I always get reprimanded when I do some activities that makes me sweat and I don’t have a towel with me. If I cannot wipe off my sweat, they would simply dry off your body right? Apparently, this is the number 1 cause of “lamig”. You will be more prone to have back pains later on due to the “cold air” that have built up your back.

So when doing anything that will make you sweat, make sure to bring a towel and do not let it dry off by itself.

Currently, I need to get rid of this from my back because it hinders me whenever I’m doing something (even just by eating).

If you have experiences and more tips to relieve this, do share in comments below. Thanks

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  1. Back pain could also a sign of stress. It’s a way of your body suggesting to take a rest and unwind a bit. I had experienced a lot of these before but relieved after a vacation.

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