How to remove siszyd32.exe from your computer?

How to remove siszyd32.exe from your computer?

Due to me not being careful, I got infected by siszyd32.exe virus/trojan/malware or whatever they call that and I have been spending time trying to disinfect my computer.

This problem happened when I started noticing a high cpu usage of svchost.exe. That is a system file so it is weird that it takes around 50% of my cpu. So I started researching about it and here is what I have found.

I was infected by the siszyd32.exe virus.

This file is usually located here

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Siszyd32.exe\

and it has other files as its virus buddies.

A random DLL file located here –> C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\

then also here

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\avdrn.dat


C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\fvgqad.dat

siszyd32.exe Removal Instructions

For removal, I browsed through the net and found several advices to use these programs.

  1. MalwareBytes [Download Link] – Be sure to update first before running a scan. A quick scan will already detect this siszyd32.exe. However, to remove it, MalwareBytes will recommend that you restart your computer so save and close all programs and restart.I would recommend that you run the full scan of MalwareBytes as the scan is much more thorough. There might be some other files left by the program that might make this virus trojan come back again. So I guess scanning again and again until you get at least two log files that says there are no infections. (do a restart after every scan)
  2. FreeFixer [Download Link] – Run a scan on your computer using this program and search for siszyd32.exe , tick the check box and remove it. What is nice about this program is that you can click on More Info and it will bring you to its website where you can gain more info about the file you are suspicious of. The owner is very responsive and there are a lot of user submitted comments about the files.

Also as a precaution, I advice that you delete all your temporary internet files from all your browsers and also delete the temporary files by Windows.

Stay safe! I hope this has helped you. I’ll update this post once I find more information. ^_^

If this still doesn’t work, I suggest that you seek professional help in forums like ( or post your problems below. Thanks.

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