How to Renew your Driver's License Philippines

How to Renew your Driver’s License in the Philippines?

How to Renew your Driver’s License in the Philippines?

How to Renew your Driver's License Philippines

Yesterday, I renewed my driver’s license at the Driver’s License Renewal Center (DLRC) at SM Manila and was able to go home with a renewed driver’s license after one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes.

The Driver’s License Renewal Center is a great idea by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as not only does it remove the congestion in the main offices of LTO but it makes renewing your driver’s license fast as they only cater to license renewal only. Their only purpose is to renew your license so you would not have to fall in line with other people who wants to apply for a new license, redeem their licenses and other transactions.

Usually these DLRCs are found in malls (SM Manila, Robinson’s Iloilo) and some are in the public trains such as the MRT. These centers consists of two rooms; the first room will be the renewal center and the other room is their drug test center. Before you can renew your driver’s license, you need to prepare the following requirements.

  • Cash = Bring around PHP1000.00 – just to be sure , breakdown of fees will be shown later
  • TIN Number
  • Old Driver’s License – they are going to take this
  • Ready to pee feeling – you will need to force yourself to pee later in the drug test
  • Filled-up Application form – get this from the center
  • Drug Test results – get this from the center

Driver’s License Renewal Procedure

Step 1 – Fill up the application form
Upon arriving at the renewal center, you will show them your driver’s license and they will decide if you need to renew or not. Usually when your license is expiring on the same year, you need to renew. They will give you the application form and you should fill that up. After filling it up, proceed to step 2.

Step 2 – Take the drug test
You will need to go to the next room and take a drug test. They will give you the drug test consent form in exchange for your application form (don’t worry, they will return it). After that, they will scan your fingerprints, subject you to a pee test (where you have to pee in a bottle; you had the feeling since you read the requirements above right?) and the last test is where they will check your blood pressure and a simple eye test (read those letters). Hopefully you pass and we can move on to step 3.

Btw, you need to pay for the drug test. Here is a breakdown of mine.

Urine Test = PHP300.00
Medical Check-up = PHP100.00

We still have PHP600 to go from your budget.

Step 3 – Submit the application form + drug test results
The drug test center will return to you your application form and your drug test results. Submit this to the renewal center and wait for your name to be called.

Step 4 – Photo OP
When they call your name, they will ask you to sign and take a picture of you. This will be your picture and signature in your driver’s license card so prepare for this (I didn’t).

Step 5 – Payment and Renewal is Complete
After the Photo Op, you will have to wait again for their processing and once they call your name, you need to pay up and they will give you your new driver’s license and the original receipt (OR).

Here is the breakdown of the fees (can be found in your OR).

License fee = PHP350.00
Computer fee = PHP 57.63

and you will still have around PHP180 to do whatever you want since you already got your license.

Remember to renew your license before it expires as there are fees for late renewal.

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27 thoughts on “How to Renew your Driver’s License in the Philippines?

  1. Bro, thanks sa Info, magrerenew na din ako this Month of June…

    Sakto ito ang pinakalatest na nakita ko about renewal sa SM Manila…

    May konting problema lang, what if wala pa TIN Number? hinanap ba sayo yun??

    2nd renewal ko na ito eh, nung first time di rin naman ako hinanapan, pero this time di ko alam kung hahanapan ako ng TIN…

    Would they accept you to renew the card kung wala pa TIN Number?? Thanks!

  2. nung first time ko kasi kumuha ng drivers license di ako nirequire for the tin since im note working that time, tapos nung first time ko mag renew, Im still studying din so I was not required din to get a tin… Di ko lang alam this time since I do not have a tin kasi Im earning online which means di kelangan ng TIN…

    Oh well, siguro tanong ko na lang din, and I found out na may dedicated form na din pala for getting a tin para makapag transact sa mga Government office.

    Baka yun na lang din ang kunin ko…

    anyway, yung Tin No. mo san mo in what way mo nakuha, thru work ba? di ko din kasi alam magprocess pa nitong tin, di ko din alam kung gano katagal aabutin para makuha yung Tin No. kung On the Spot ba sya makukuha or kelangan pa mag antay ng ilang araw.


  3. drug test result from other drug centers still acceptable for drivers license renewal center at robinson’s or SM mall ?

  4. ask ko lang, kasi nandito ako sa canada, pwede ba akongmag renew ng drivers license ko dyan sa pinas..(1month plang ako at balak ko kumuha ng international drivers license..pls email me some info..salamat..

  5. Your site is perfect for those who r new to renewal process. Just a recomendation, u shud hav included other areas or sites where we can renew aside frm sm manila. But other than dat, the info u shared are useful. Thanks.

  6. Sana meron din renewal center sa mga provinces gaya dito sa Quezon Province for convenience at "anti-fixers".

    1. Clostridium Tetani ang sabi ko po ay sana magkaron po ng renewal center kasi wala po dito sa amin sa Lucena City eh.

  7. Hi! My driver’s license has been expired for 6 years. Could I have it renewed or do I need to start all over again like applying for the first time (again)? How much do you think will it cost? I appreciate any information you could give me.

  8. sir, what is the allowed number of days before expiration? magrenew na sana ako this week kaya lang January 21 next year pa expire license ko. Thanks

  9. What if your license has bèn expired for 3 years and you have not renewed yet? I heard one should need to take the test again and apply as if it was your first time to get your license again? Plus the fact that i lost my old one. 😭 sad. Any advice?

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