PRC License Renewal Guide

How to renew your PRC License?

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Update: at least 45 CPE/CPD points are now required.


Last week, I accompanied my close friend (now girlfriend) to renew her PRC License. She is an electronics engineer (EE) and her ID was expired for one month already. I took notes on what she did and here is the summary.

Requirements (what to bring?)

  1. Bring around PHP 2000 cash (actually for EE’s, you need to pay for a renewal of the IECEP membership which costs PHP 1300 but for those who doesn’t need this, PHP 1000 would be enough)
  2. Bring two (2) copies of a photo of yourself with a name tag (or you can do it there as they have a booth for photo capture)
  3. Any picture for your IECEP membership (1×1, passport size, 2×2, etc)
  4. Two (2) photocopies of your old PRC card (front and back)

Procedure (what to do?)

  1. Renew your IECEP membership (for EEs) and photocopy that membership form
  2. Acquire a PRC renewal form, fill it up and submit that form.
  3. Pay the cashier the fees for renewal (PHP450 + PHP30 per month since its expiration date)
  4. Submit all requirements to get a claim slip
  5. Claim your renewed license in two weeks

But if you want a detailed version on what to do,

Check out her post – PRC License Renewal (for ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS)

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  1. Last week, I accompanied my close friend (now girlfriend) to renew her PRC License.

    –>she’s now your gf? it seems that because you accompanied her, you got a bigger chance of being her bf? hehe jk 🙂

  2. Hello,

    Ask k lng po sna kng san n po new location ng IECEP application?

    Thank you,

  3. di po ba kelangan nung cpe units?

  4. very helpful thanks for the idea.

  5. I tot we need to complete the CPE points… mas madali naman pala to eh…

  6. no CPE requirements? good news

  7. hello. is this blog is existing?.

    in this year 2015, it is really required the CPE point?.

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