Globe G-Live Service

G-Live by Globe – How to Stop this Service?

How to Stop Globe’s G-Live Spam or Service?

Globe G-Live Service

Are you familiar with Globe G-Live Service? How many times have your phone suddenly flashed because there was this message from G-Live?

What is G-Live?

G-Live is a feature from Globe Telecoms that sends you announcements/advertisements/SPAM right directly in front of your screen. It is not a text message. It will simply flash in your screen for a few seconds then disappear.

This is a free service brought to you by Globe.

It is annoying!

Personally, I find this annoying. My cellphone flashes its lights whenever I get anything; call, text message, keypad locks, and now, it flashes with G-Live. Imagine sleeping at night then you will be awaken by a very useless G-Live advertisement. For weeks, I have been very bothered by this and wondering how to stop this. But today, I wonder no more as the solution has been provided to me after a bit of googling.

How to Stop Globe’s G-Live Service?

  1. On your menu, find “Globe Svcs+”
  2. Select G-Live
  3. Select Activation

That is how easy it is. So goodbye G-Live and welcome peaceful sleep.

3 thoughts on “G-Live by Globe – How to Stop this Service?

  1. hello Allen! I am able to read this blog post just today. Finally, that annoying G-Live spam will not bother me anymore! thanks.. =)

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