How to Update your Nokia Phone’s Version Using Nokia Software Updater?

How to Update your Nokia Phone’s Version?

Yesterday, as I was playing around in the Nokia website, I saw their software called “Nokia Software Updater“. I was surprised to know that cellular phones also have versions (firmware when we talk about PSP) and we can also update / upgrade them when new versions come out. This grabbed my interest well enough that I read the instructions, found out that my phone has an outdated version, downloaded the software, run the software and after 30 minutes, my phone already has the latest Nokia Version for this specific model.

I was proud of what I have done so I’d like to share with you the process that I did.

Requirements for Nokia Phone Update.

  • Phone Model (Mine was Nokia 6300)
  • Cable to connect your phone to your computer (you can either use cable or wifi but my poor phone doesn’t have wifi so cable it is. I believe using cables is more stable and faster.)
  • Nokia Software Updater Application (Download it here =

Now that you have those three things, let us now see if your phone can be updated or not. This can be done by visiting Nokia’s website as they have instructions to determine this. If their website says that you can update your phone, please continue reading else, I’m sorry, the guide will not be applicable to your anymore.

The Nokia website said that your phone can be updated? Great! Now let us start the operation.

You can now install the software that you downloaded earlier [Nokia Software Updater]. After installing, it will ask you for a computer reboot so I suggest you bookmark this page so that you can come back to it after rebooting.

Have you finished the reboot? Ok, let’s continue. Basically, the update process only has three steps.

[IMPORTANT] Please back-up all contents of your phone prior to updating. This includes, contacts, messages, ringtones, settings and other things that might get lost in the process. I suggest you use Nokia PC Suite as it has a back-up feature that will save everything into your computer.

On my experience, it seems like it restored everything to factory settings where I lost all contents of my phone (settings, contacts, messages, and other files). However, since I was able to make a back-up via Nokia PC Suite, I was able to restore them without any problems.

Please make sure that the phone has enough battery. In my case, I was charging it while doing the whole process.

Step 1: Connect your Nokia Phone to your computer.

Step 2: Nokia Software Updated will determine if you phone needs an upgrade or not.

Step 3: The upgrade will start. Here are some pics I got while it was updating (took around 15 minutes for step 3)

After updating, your phone will restart automatically and when it starts again, you will see that it has been updated to the latest version.

You can now restore your back-up and enjoy using your Nokia Phone with the latest version. ^_^

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  1. I got an old N73 which kept unused because of a “full memory error”.
    God knows how much effort I put in it just to fix it but nothing had happned. Now, someone recommended me to update my firmware to fix the problem. I got to try it, I got nothing to loose anyways.

  2. i want to update nokiae71 software can you send me detail for nokia e71 and i request to send me at nokiaE71 software in my email id and plz send me hope we will send

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