How to Upgrade your D-Link DIR 300 Router to the latest firmware?

How to Upgrade your D-Link DIR 300 Router to the latest firmware?

D-Link DIR 300

When I usually talk about firmwares, I would refer to the custom firmwares you use for gaming stuffs like PSP and Wii. However, for now, let us talk about on how to upgrade your router’s firmware and we have our very own, DIR 300.

Note: This is a guide specific for D-Link DIR 300 router only.

Ah yes, before I forget, it is safer to upgrade when you are connecting to your router via LAN instead of wireless. Please note that when you will do changes to your router, it might do a reboot of itself or a reset of the settings so you might lose connection to it when you are connecting to it via wireless.

So let us start,

The first thing you should have is to download the firmware upgrade file from their FTP website.

There is a ReadMe File there that will tell you to upgrade to another firmware first before you can do that, so download that file first too from this location.

You should now have two files. So let us go to our router by typing “”, log in as administrator and go to Maintenance –> Firmware Update.

Just click choose file below and locate the files you have downloaded, then click upload (one at a time only). Btw, before clicking on upload make sure you are on a wired connection. Never do this on a wireless LAN.

You will see this screen next so you will simply have to wait.

You will get a page not found screen next or a log-in screen to the router. It doesn’t matter as long as the timer finished. Once you log back in, you will see that you have successfully upgraded your router’s firmware (you should do it twice since you downloaded two files right?) ! Congratulations on your upgraded D-Link DIR 300 router! Easy wasn’t it?



15 thoughts on “How to Upgrade your D-Link DIR 300 Router to the latest firmware?

  1. DD-WRT adds more functionality to your router such as:
    – Static DHCP IP’s (useful for Port Forwarding)
    – Adjusting the transmit power of the antenna of your router (though this does little in improving signal strength)
    – Make your old routers operate in WDS to extend your wi-fi range
    – Samba and FTP support for routers with USB ports
    – Bandwidth monitoring

  2. Hi,

    I tried it but something goes wrong because after the first upgrade my router gone to the Walhalla. I downloaded the two firmwares and upgraded the first(upgrade_first) but till this time my router just vegetate. The power and the WAN led are work but nothing else. I can not access with lan or wlan. What can I do? I read some things(rs-232 connection and like this) but I’m not sure than them works without risks. Can somebody help me?

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