How to use the Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer?

How to use the Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer?

You have installed the Autoplayer for Castle Age but you might be wondering, how do I use this to my advantage? Well, this is what this guide is for.

First of all, this is not a post that will tell you where to get the Castle Age Autoplayer (you can click that link to download it btw). This guide assumes that you have already downloaded the autoplayer whether in Firefox or in Chrome (Sorry IE users, no autoplayer for you).

So let us start!

The autoplayer can be found on the right side of your castle age page and it starts disabled. Don’t worry as we will set it up to work easily. I will divide the settings into sections just like what you see in your Castle Age autoplayer.

  • Status
  • Disable Autoplayer
  • Cash and Health
  • Quest
  • Battle
  • Monster
  • Monster Finder
  • Recon
  • Generals
  • Upgrade Skill Points
  • Other Options

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Status
There is nothing to configure here as you will only get a glimpse of what the autoplayer is currently doing. You will also some timers as when can you gain demi-points again, demi-blessing and more importantly, when will you level up based on your stamina and energy. Do note that the level-up time is just an estimate.

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Disable Autoplayer
You will see a checkbox here. If it is ticked, then the autoplayer will not run. Do note that when you click the autoplayer screen, it will automatically stop and you have to click it again to continue. However, if you tick this checkbox, it will remain disabled.

Use this only when you setting up or making some changes on the configuration.

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Cash and Health
This is the setting that involves your cash and health. This involves banking, buying of lands, selling of excess land and healing. I suggest these settings:

  • Tick Immediate banking
  • Bank above [$$$] – this depends on you. When you are just starting out, keep this small but as you grow stronger, increase the value else you will keep banking again and again on every action.
  • Heal if below [10] health

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Quest
This is the setting that involves the quests in Castle Age. You can quest in normal quests or do demi-quests. It doesn’t matter as the autoplayer can do them. These are my settings:

  • Quest when [Energy Available] – If you need to farm bosses, you can stop questing first, get their orbs to summon then continue questing. Do not enable this also if you want to fortify in monster battles.
  • Pick Quest Area [Quest/Demi Quest/Atlantis ] – this depends on you on what place you want to master
  • Pick Sub Area [ ] – The sub area quests will differ depending on the quest area you picked
  • Quest for [Max experience/influence/gold/advancement] –
    Experience = The autoplayer will automatically do the job that gives the highest EXP ratio regardless if you have mastered it or not.
    Influence = The autoplayer will automatically do repeat the same job until your influence on that job is Level 4
    Gold = The autoplayer will automatically do the job that gives the highest gold gain
    Advancement = The autoplayer will automatically do jobs in order for you to advance to the next world (quest will be mastered until level 1 usually)I go for influence or advancement. If you choose experience, you will have a better energy to exp ratio but lesser progress in quests.
  • Tick Switch Quest Area
  • Untick Use Only Subquest General – Some quests require specific generals to gain influence so you should not turn this on else if will use the same general for all quests
  • Untick Quest for Orbs =

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Battle
This is the setting that involves battles in Castle Age. This is used for gaining demi-points by Duel and invading. These are my settings:

  • Battle When [Stamina Available / No Monster] – You can try the other options but this option will burn your stamina until you have no more.
  • Battle Type [Invade / Duel] Invade if you have lots of army members, duel if you have a strong well equipped hero
  • Attack targets that are:
    –Not Higher than X*Army [0.25]

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Monster
This is the setting that involves monster battling in Castle Age. There isn’t much to set here as it is already configured. Here are my settings:

  • Attack when : [Stamina available]
  • Monster Delay Seconds [30] – every 30 seconds, the autoplayer will attack a monster.
  • Tick Power Attack only – This will spend more stamina (5) but you can deal more damage this way
  • Tick Siege Monster Assist – You will automatically help in siege monsters (monster you can’t beat alone like Horde, Dragons, Genesis)
  • Tick Clear Complete Monster – Monsters you have defeated will be removed from your monster list (more of a garbage collection)
  • Tick Achievement Mode – Some monsters require that you deal them a certain number of damage so that it will count as you have defeated them. When this is ticked, after dealing the required amount of damage, you will move on to the next monster
  • Tick Get Demi Points first – This will spend around 50 stamina for you to gain 10 demi points for each demi-god. If you have gotten all their items from your demi points, untick their icon (for example, I have mastered Azeron so I will untick it already)

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Monster Finder
I have not used this as I usually find my own monsters via the live feed.

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Recon
I have no idea what is this for.

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Generals
This is the setting that involves choosing the correct general for any action. When you first load the autoplayer, you will only see [Get General List]. To show your generals, run the autoplayer for a bit then refresh the page [Press F5] and it will be updated. Here are my settings:

    • Idle [Celesta]
    • Monster [Vanquish/Zarevok]
    • Fortify [Celesta]
    • Battle [Under Level 4]
    • Subquest [Under Level 4]
    • Buy [Garlan]
    • Income [Mercedes]
    • Banking [Aeres]

– Make sure that she is on level 4 as soon as possible to eliminate the fee when banking.

  • Level Up [Under Level 4]

You should only level up your hero via Battles and Subquests because for other things, you need specific generals to maximize their potential.

Subquests are quests under the Main quest (you usually get two).
For example, under land of fire.

It starts with this main quest,
The Stairs of Terra
However, after mastering this quest (Level 1), you will get two additional subquests.
Survive Troll Ambush
Find Troll Weakness

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Upgrade Skill Points
This is the setting that involves upgrading your skills points. The build you want depends on you. Here are my settings:

  • Tick Auto Add Upgrade Points
  • Tick Upgrade Immediately

I have increased my energy and stamina (costs 2 points) at first. But it is important to raise your attack and defense too especially if you want to fight a lot. You can be the pure energy man, pure fighter man, or hybrid. It depends on your playing style.

Facebook Castle Age Autoplayer Other Options
This is the setting that involves miscellaneous settings. I only bothered with Auto Gift and Auto Elite here. Tick them both.

Hope this guide has helped you in configuring the Autoplayer for Castle Age.

For any comments, corrections and suggestions, just drop them in the comments.

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