How would you explain blogging to a non blogger?

Once in a while, my friends would ask me what am I doing to waste/spend my time when I’m not at work or not doing anything else. I would reply, “I’m blogging” and then they would look at me with weird looks. Of course, their reactions would even be weirder when I’m say that I’m earning from it which leads me to my question for today.

How would you explain blogging to a non blogger?

For example, what if your friend named “Arlo Gilbert” would ask you, what the hell is blogging? How would you explain to him?
(Answers will be collected and combined in a new post soon – free backlinks hehe )

6 thoughts on “How would you explain blogging to a non blogger?

  1. That’s a tough one. I have to say it took me a while to understand what it was. You have to just do it and I think that’s the best way to learn about it!

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  2. You write something (it could be interesting or boring or about anything that pops out from your mind). Then you post it chronologically in your website. Other people read it and comment on it. You read and comment on their sites too. You can network. You can be famous if more people visit and read your site. You can make money too.

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  3. @Ling – Hmm do people really do that in real life? Cafe hopping? Because from what I understand, you are trying to do an analogy?

  4. @ceblogger – Would they say, that’s just a public diary? Then the next thing they would ask if how can you make money off it. hehe 🙂

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