HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns

HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns

Whoa! As an employee of this company, it would be hard to think of what will happen in the next few days.

I went home late today and decided to check on some emails (oh workaholic you), then look at this cool email I found. I thought it was one of those usual newsletters I usually just put aside but when I read that Mark Hurd resigned, I lost my drowsiness then and read the whole article. I even searched for articles in the net about it just to confirm if this was a confidential matter but the search results said otherwise.

The juicy headlines showing is that Mark Hurd resigned due to a case of sexual harassment. Although not entirely true if you read articles but it just makes it more juicier for people to want to read and react on.

Though I don’t understand why it is termed as “resignation” and he even gets paid a severance pay, if part of the reason he was fired was because he filed false expense reports. Isn’t that already a crime of fraud so should be “fired” instead? I guess it would really look bad on the media if for example, we had this headline “HP CEO Mark Hurd fired!” It would certainly give a much bigger drop on stocks that it has dropped now.

So what is going to happen to us employees now that the boss has “resigned”?

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  1. If he truly resigns, then the company must look forward for a better organization. Though that kind of situation will rise an issue over the corporate world – the management should find a way to make things run smooth.

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