Hunger Games Movie

Hunger Games Movie

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Thanks to Nuffnang, Banana Boat and Schick, I was able to watch the Hunger Games movie for free!

Before I talk about the movie, I want to say that I haven’t read the book (nor have plans of reading it lol) so everything was new to me and I can’t say if the movie was faithful to the book.

The plot was simple enough to understand. There’s an event yearly called the hunger games where twelve (districts) will provide two volunteers (boy and girl) to fight in a controlled environment where the winner will be the last man standing. The story would then show us how Katnis Everdeen from district 12 will be the volunteer and how she will survive in the arena.

Story-wise, it was ok but you can already tell who would be the winner, the enemies and the fillers the moment the contestants were introduced. It has a bit of forced romance built into it where they had to do it to gain sympathy from the viewers but most of the time, the story would revolve on Katnis’ survival skills which she’s very good at. However, I would like to complain about their camera since it was so shaky that it was hard to watch. It was moving all over the place that I had a headache at the first few minutes of the show. I’m glad it improved in the latter parts but still…

Overall, it was a good two hour and a half long movie (didn’t notice it took that long until I checked my watch) and I’m looking forward to part 2. Will they be rebelling against the capital?

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