I don’t like an increase in traffic

I don’t like an increase in traffic. I won’t be able to make money on it and it’s just a waste of resources especially on bandwidth. However, I do like something else…

I managed to increase my traffic by 250% in 1 month!

For the past few months, I’ve been looking for ways to increase my blog’s traffic. I read a lot of articles on how to increase my traffic. Some of the tips I’ve read I applied on this blog such as using social bookmarks (I’ve been active on StumbleUpon) and on commenting on other blogs. I admit that I have not done the other tips such as submitting my blog to directories and top sites.

Silkenhut's World Blog Traffic 2007

However, take a look at my blog’s traffic growth. You would see that traffic has been growing steadily since July but it increased big time in December. Do you know what I did to increase my traffic by this much?

Calling all the pervs!

It was late November that I read on Macuha’s blog about pinay s-c-a-n-d-a-l and seeing that it would a good way to increase traffic, I joined it (I won’t be linking to those posts I made for a reason to be explained later). I made my own posts about it and bit by bit I started ranking on the search engine results. I received a lot of traffic and I was happy. Every time I log-in to my statistics such as Google Analytics and WordPress Stats, I would see an upward trend in page views and unique visitors but after a while, I sense that something was wrong.

Aside from an increase in traffic, I also had an increase in bounce rate, increase in bandwidth consumption but no increase in earnings. Let us go through each one of them…

  • increase in traffic – everytime I look at my stats I get about 100+ queries on pinay s-c-a-n-d-a-l. let’s just say that every search is a new visitor and you do the math
  • increase in bounce rates – pervs wants to see some hot, steamy action.. however when they visit this blog, they get disappointed and leave.
  • increase in bandwidth consumption – every page view uses up resources like the images of the blog, the post page etcetera…
  • NO increase in earnings – I feel like a shopping mall where people just go in to savor the air conditioner without buying anything at all…

Because of this surge of traffic, I had to switch web hosts because 5gb a month isn’t enough anymore. So what have I gained from this increase of traffic? Nothing! I even had to spend money in a new webhost.

Increasing traffic isn’t enough

Increasing traffic isn’t enough. I’ve already discuss how I managed to increase my traffic but it didn’t convert to any earnings. In fact, it’s just more expenses. I just call it useless traffic. These kind of traffic won’t participate in blog discussions, click on your ads or even just stay for a while.

So now you see why I don’t like an increase in traffic. However, I did mention in the first paragraph that I like something else and that something else is…

Traffic that converts to earnings

Now this is what I like, traffic that converts to earnings. Let’s be realistic here. We buy our domains and webhosting packages using our own money and we create a blog. I’m sure that there’s a part of you there that wants to gain back what you spent on your hosting through your blog. One of the simplest (not necessarily the easiest) way to gain it back is through Google Adsense. When somebody clicks on the the adsense ad, you gain money.

Unless you already have an established reader base, I’m sure that most of your traffic comes from search engines. When people search, they expect to gain what they are searching. Now let’s compare the traffic between two of my biggest traffic delivering posts, pinay sandal (just add a “c”) and ragnarok bot.

Ragnarok Bot vs Pinay s-andal.

In terms of search volume, pinay sandal wins and obviously it gives my blog more traffic than ragnarok bot however, it is the opposite in terms of adsense earnings. In fact, pinay sandal doesn’t give me a cent because it belongs to the “stop words” of Google adsense (words that will make adsense show public ads or you-can’t-earn-a-cent-with-them ads).

So now, do you get my point? Writing about pinay sandal was a big mistake on my part. Not only did I waste resources on it, I did not even make a cent out of it. However, I’m glad I wrote about ragnarok bot because it gave me adsense earnings. The earnings are not that high because when I researched about ragnarok’s cost per click in adsense, it’s just cheap (less than one dollar).

My single tip

If you rely on adsense as one of your sources on your blog’s income, make sure that the articles you write are those who can bring clicks to your ads. I’m not saying that you will write articles asking your visitors to click on them. Start by looking for keywords to optimize such as “eating disorders”, “ragnarok bot”, and “naruto manga”. (Hey I’m giving away my prospect keywords already) and write posts about them.

If you need help in looking for you keywords, check out Manuel Villoria’s post on how to find keywords. (I’m going to write my own version soon.)

Lastly, I did not link to any of my pinay sandal posts because I don’t want to add give link juice to them. In fact, I want to remove them from the search engine results.. that useless traffic generator. ^_^


In addition to what I’ve said, Macuha has shared to me Glennx post on how to earn from these types of posts, so if you are interested just give it a click. I’d love to try this. ^_^

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35 thoughts on “I don’t like an increase in traffic

  1. you can still monetize your pinay sandal traffic. 😉 go for CPM ads like Adbrite. just make it an alternate ad to Adsense. They pay for each page impression, not for clicks.

    No traffic is useless, you just need to know how to monetize them.

    marhgil’s last blog post..Splash Island Is Now Open

  2. i think the original intention of marhgil was not to convert the keywords to adsense clicks but to hijack these keywords and redirect traffic to his site.

    a friend, after reading marhgil’s post tried it and ended up regretting the act. no adsense appeared in his blog. he failed to read the portion about changing the ad from adsense to adbrite.

    i really learned a lot from marhgil’s hijacks and it’s fun applying it. The challenge really is how to convert the traffic to money.

    ceblogger’s last blog post..Edit, Edit and Edit

  3. @Sylver – Oh I see, would you tell which keywords are you trying to optimize? I have not been digg raped but I think my blog can handle it, I think. Else I’m going to ask for a refund from my webhost. ^_^

  4. @Yatot – Don’t worry Yatot. Just keep on posting and it will grow… now I realized, I just gave a bad advice… how about this…

    1. Look for a keyword to optimize and write a blog post about it
    2. followup that post with 3-5 more posts
    3. see the traffic go in your blog as long as it’s a keyword that get’s searched frequently.

  5. @James – Hi James. Thanks for the input. Regarding what you said that traffic and earnings are inversely related, I don’t think it applies to all. It depends on what kind of traffic you have. If the visitors of your blog doesn’t have an idea of what adsense is, there’s a big chance that earnings will be proportional to earnings.

    Btw, your last post showing up in your feeds.. hmmm what is that?? hehe 😛

  6. @Marhgil Hi Marhgil! ^_^ I hope I did not offend you or anything because some people might get the idea that I’m attacking you. Thanks for the suggestions on CPM ads as alternatives to adsense. I did not think of it while writing this post..

    but for adsense users, my tip still stands…
    If you rely on adsense as one of your sources on your blog’s income, make sure that the articles you write are those who can bring clicks to your ads.


  7. @ceblogger – Yes, Marhgil’s intention was to clean the search engine rankings by making his blog the living sacrifice of the perverts out there looking for “sandals”.

    Hmm I think Marhgil already made a post on how to monetize these kinds of posts using widgetbucks…

  8. @Allen
    Am still looking for good keywords since I’m quite sure Patapon download and Patapon Theme is going to die out soon. Can’t do much at the moment since I’m busy preparing for Ozinefest ^^

    Anyway @topic
    I think you can capitalize on the amount of remaining traffic with Project Wonderful.

    sylv3rblade’s last blog post..Stop Impulse Buying

  9. Tsk! You’re really funny Glenn. Don’t you read the news? Penthouse acquired Friend Finder Inc.

    Why do you think they did that? Penthouse the purveyor of porn, has acquired arguably the The World’s Largest Online Adult Personals.

    You can’t deny it, Glenn, you are now officially a porn promoter. Heck you’ve earned money doing it.

    look above this post, silkenhut it seems has now adultfriendfinder 🙂

  10. @Road Runner Coyete – I admit I joined it after reading glenx post.. but I think my php code went wrong because it showed it all over the blog. omg.. my bad… sorry about that.

  11. Silkenhut, no offense man. I just want to TELL THE TRUTH.

    Glenn, look if you want some traffic from SERPs that’s allright with me. The only problem is you didn’t tell the truth.

    Hijacking some keywords like some iskandal words to get some traffic then saying that you did it because you are suddenly the Pope, a Saint, Holier-than-though Crusader against porn is funny.

    Here’s the TRUTH: You can’t eliminate porn from the Internet.

    In fact congratulations, you who joined this pinay iskandal meme, are now officially helpers of porn sites! Look at the serp today, your bucket-of-water-in-the-porn-sea project help the top iskandal sites, because you’ve eliminated their competition.

    There is a term in CIA for this – blowback.

  12. @sylver – Since your blog is about games, why not blog about every new game that goes out and of course, complete with download links… Well, it depends on how you want to monetize that traffic but I think psp game downloads has a lot of traffic. 🙂

  13. @Road Runner – No hard feelings. I would even like to thank you because I did not notice that the code has gone wrong if you haven’t mentioned it. Now it’s ok now. bwahaha let’s see if I can really monetize that traffic.

    btw, my thoughts about this issue… the pinay scandal seo project was conceptualized to beat the sites that promotes pinay scandal videos. It was an attempt to clean the image of a pinay. Yes, it’s true that you can’t eliminate porn but at least, leave Filipinas out of it. Although there are still “legitimate” pinay scandals sites that have not been defeated in the serps, atleast there are other sites that have been pushed down in the serps.

    It’s not a battle against porn really. It’s too general and you can’t win that. It’s just a battle for the image of pinays.

  14. If you want to uplift your countrymen do it in socio-civic way.

    Hijacking something for a faulty cause is a terrorist mentality. It plays on people’s fear: let’s take on over this airplane so that legitimate passengers will be fearful when they go on-board vis-a-vis keywords.

    Furthermore its disingenuous, because people looking for real scandal websites are bombarded with fake website.

    You know what? This kind of thinking is a technique of Black Hat SPAMMERS. Search engines are suppose to help people find what they’re seeking.

    Some people look for info on life-saving medicine, or how to do a proper cpr, so if the serps points to a wrong website, it will kill many people.

    Keep on spamming google and yahoo SPAMMERS with your fake and useless pages.

  15. @Road Runner… who’s spamming? are bloggers talking about the same topic and exchanging links already spamming now? we want to blog about pinay scandal, so, what’s the problem with that? it’s not our problem anymore if Google find our blog post more relevant than your porn sites. If you want to get ranked on this keyword, then, you have all the liberty to create your own site and SEO it. We are just bunch of bloggers blogging on the same topic, you can easily beat us on the SERPs.

    “Some people look for info on life-saving medicine, or how to do a proper cpr, so if the serps points to a wrong website, it will kill many people.”

    I agree, and who’s spamming those life-saving keywords? I oppose hijacking those keywords too.

    Now, will reading our pinay scandal blog posts kill anyone? We just don’t want people seeing Pinays on the web on such a shameful act. Well, if the searcher is horny enough, they can still find what they are looking for, aren’t they? Like what you said, we’ll not be able to totally wipe out the porn. But at least, we made it a little harder for people to find pinay scandals on the web.

    marhgil’s last blog post..Learn How To Play The Guitar On Guitartutee

  16. Marghil, that’s a non-sequitor argument.

    You logical fallacy goes like this: if you join memes about Pinays or Filipina keywords serp hijacking, then it also goes to show that you have the right to hijack every keyword about Filpinas, which to me is an absolutist dictatorial stance.

    Are you implying that other countries have sex scandals while we Filipinos don’t have one? That’s a racist tone. If your answer is that we have indeed sex scandal here, who gives you the right to suddenly become the almighty judge on what’s morally right or wrong?

    It’s like saying don’t broadcast about the poor Filipinos or segragate the poor from the rich, put them in places where no one can see them, very much like what Hitler has done to the Jews during the holocaust.

    We have sex scandals and amateur porn about Filipinas here, being Manoling Morato like in your censorship-filled mind won’t hide the truth. TELL THE TRUTH.

  17. if you join memes about Pinays or Filipina keywords serp hijacking, then it also goes to show that you have the right to hijack every keyword about Filpinas, which to me is an absolutist dictatorial stance.

    Everyone has the right to do what he wants. that’s the nature of the internet, you can create as many porn site as you want and we can talk about pinay scandal as we want. you can start your own memes for pinay scandal and show all your porn sites in it, i won’t argue with it because it’s your right. You can easily beat us on the SERPs, can’t you? is that a dictatorship? I’m not stopping you from doing what you want.

    Are you implying that other countries have sex scandals while we Filipinos don’t have one? That’s a racist tone.

    I don’t imply such a thing. We all know that there are really pinay scandal videos on the internet.

    who gives you the right to suddenly become the almighty judge on what’s morally right or wrong?

    It’s like saying don’t broadcast about the poor Filipinos or segragate the poor from the rich, put them in places where no one can see them, very much like what Hitler has done to the Jews during the holocaust.

    just because you cannot beat us on the SERPs made you think already that i’m playing an almighty judge for what is morally right and wrong? it’s not our fault Google favor our posts and not yours. like what i’ve said, you can start your own memes with all your pinay scandal websites and beat us on the SERPs if you want. no one is playing any judge here. No one is being a Hitler here. You have all the liberty to post all your porn sites on the internet and we have all the liberty to create our blog posts. If you want to tell the whole world that we Filipinos have a lot of pinay scandals here, GO ON, no one is stopping you. Do we?

    When I started this campaign, I didn’t even know it will succeed. It’s like David fighting Goliath. How could blogs beat porn sites on the internet? You can easily beat us on the SERPs, you outnumbered us, really. So, just keep on doing what you think is right for you and we’ll do what we think is right for us. I have no plans of becoming a Manoling Morato on the internet. I’m just doing what I think is right and I’m not hindering you to do what you think is right.

    marhgil’s last blog post..Learn How To Play The Guitar On Guitartutee

  18. marhgil, survival of the fittest much? kaya napaka-corrupt ng gubyerno natin eh, ganitong mentality.

    dexter, good for you. kasi pag galing sa se ma-pepenalize ka. post to post redirects na lang, pero hindi rin ako sure sa secret sauce ng mga se tungkol dito. may iba’t ibang loopholes at bugs sa 302 at 301 directs sa server side proxy ng mga se akong natuklasan, kaya ingat ka lang. para safe, minimize redirects.

    regarding adult sites, marami akong websites catering to american audience. wala akong pang-pinoy eh, medyo matamlay kasi ang market dito sa pinas.

  19. Hmm let me try to understand your stand Road Runner Coyote…

    Basically a search engine’s purpose is to deliver search results to the people who are searching. For example, a search on dogs will return dog results, cats returns cat results, pinay scandals should return pinay scandal results…

    But because of this pinay scandal project, let’s say that the search results have been “polluted” with sites ranking for that keyword because they don’t have any pinay scandal content. So in a sense, the search engines are not anymore returning the desired results expected by horny people.

    The search engine positions of the real scandal sites have been hijacked simply because they got beat in their SEO. You can say that it’s survival of the fittest in the battle of search engine rankings. I agree with that. If you can’t outbeat their “seo techniques”, you won’t be able to outrank them.

    But the point is, isn’t this what everybody’s doing? It’s not just the keyword pinay scandal? Look at the competition for make money online, problogger, payday loans, messopotemia (cant even spell this word) and those keywords that brings high adsense clicks (Made ? Aren’t they all fighting to be on the top of the search engine rankings?

    Also, please explain where you got the idea of marhgil being a self proclaim righteous man who is like a dictator? Personally I don’t see it. It’s just a simple battle for serp rankings. Please explain.

  20. Allen, thanks for that reply. You’ve just described what my view on serps.

    Let me just state that I am not against seo, in fact I have hundreds of high paying adult keywords in my portfolio.

    So if I’m not against seo, what am I against? Irrelevancy. A search for dogs shouldn’t reveal websites about physics of the moon, because all it does is make the search engines loose its credibility.

    Likewise a search for pinay or filipina should point to website about Filipinas or Pinays or the history of Philippines women.

    In the same case, locally flavored amateur porn search on google or yahoo should reveal porn of the country that some people are searching.

    Regarding dictators, you should study their fascinating history more. They will do just about anything because they can.

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I can probably poke my eye with my forefinger, doesn’t mean I should.

    You can hijack amateur porn keywords such as pinay iskandal, the question is should you? Why? For the dubious brag and thankless job of being a porn janitor? For censoring the truth that we have sex scandals here?

  21. @Road Runner… I’m doing it because that’s what I think is right. As simple as that. If you think it’s wrong, then, it’s not my problem anymore. If I’m a dictator, I would just do what Loren did to Boybastos. That’s how I see a dictator does it. Remove your site because I don’t like it. But I’m not like her. I do it as fairly as possible. I don’t attack anyone. I just do some SEO campaign. A campaign which can easily be pwned by any porn site. You can easily beat us if you really want to.

    Am I censoring the truth that there is sex scandal here? No. Everybody know that it exists. What I’m doing is just trying to prevent easy access to these videos. Why? Because that is what I think is right.

    Instead of telling us of what we can do or not, why not focus on what you can do? You can’t control our actions the way that we can’t control yours. You have your beliefs, I have mine. So, yes, it’s just survival of the fittest. I think, that’s how the internet evolves.

    marhgil’s last blog post..What’s Wrong With Metrobank?

  22. Who is Loren? Legarda? What the hell is boy bastos?

    Look marhgil, you me, everyone who participated here in this discussion, earns everyday from serps. If that is the case, then shouldn’t we strive to make our industry, that is the search industry, better?

    Shouldn’t we avoid to pollute the environment that we operate on? Shouldn’t we strive to to make the search engine reach its best potential, to strive to make it more and more relevant through time?

    I’m sure you feel frustrated when you’re searching for something and you couldn’t find it, so why inflict this suffering on the innocent. Why participate in polluting the user with useless pages? Because if the aim of your so-called iskandal goal is to make the average user life harder and harder, then congratulations you are now in league with spammers who have the same goal.

    What a noble cause indeed: point someone to a page with no relevant information, filled with nothing but keywords. Is that your noble cause? Tell me again, how the hell is your ultimate aim goal right.

  23. Didn’t know boybastos? Really? It’s all over the news when it happened.

    My ultimate goal for that campaign is for the pinay scandal searcher not to find the pinay scandal videos. These pinays don’t deserve that, do they? They did not voluntary give those videos to anyone. These were private videos leaked on the internet. Who are we to feast our eyes on these innocent women? I believe you also have female relatives. Would you not change your stand if one of these women happens to be one of them, just for the sake of relevancy?

    I’m all for search relevancy. Generally, we all want people find what they are looking for easily. But when it comes to giving them easy access to pinay scandal videos, sorry but that’s an exemption for me. I don’t support porn, especially videos exploiting pinays. I know, I can’t totally remove it, but at least, I did something what I think is right. If it is wrong to you, then, so be it. You can’t change my mind as well as I can’t change yours, and I respect that. If you think I’m being unreasonable and being a spammer for doing that, so be it, but I won’t change my stand.

    Thanks for this insightful conversation.

    marhgil’s last blog post..What’s Wrong With Metrobank?

  24. @roadrunner,

    interestingly, my name is reyna Elena, and I am the fakest of the fakes of them all and I am here responding to you – not wanting a fight, rather, in the hopes that my glorious crown would enlighten you a bit.

    Point # 1 – If you want to uplift your countrymen do it in a socio-civic way.

    Sweetheart, there’s bizzilian positions between your legs on how to can uplift our country and our men and women and one of them is not opening up your legs widely and show off some tits and 12-inch bulates around the world, if you know what I mean. Uplifting our fellow countrymen is exactly what SEO geniuses are doing – fighting the morbid insanities of the kalibugan industries, which is exacting an untold notoriety against Filipina women. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using SEO minds to counter the vulgarity on the web for those sexually morbid individuals looking for something between your legs. Who knows, some of these are chiled molesters and rapists. And it’s by no means a terroristic activity at all! Are you nuts! This project is intended to knock down that particular word which essentially portrays Pinays in a very bad light. Simply put, ano ka ba? Ano ba ang indi mo na-ge-getz?

    Point # 2 – We have no intentions to spam medikol. I don’t need a powerpoint presentation on this one.

    Point # 3 – And this one is mine. What’s indirectly being created by this project is to challenge owners of these websites and blogs catering to animal sex on how to put sex and other particularly closely related keywords such that they don’t inter-mingle with the word Pinay. Should we now expect some great entrepreneurial minds from the sex industry to precisely target their keywords/audience instead of using Pinay, Filipina and those that we deemed words that need be respected. Now, for protecting the Filipina image – is this very terroristic? Batuhin kaya kita nang kinakalawang kong korona?!


    Reyna Elena’s last blog post..Finding employment for Wan

  25. Hi Road Runner Coyote, just to inform you about Loren Legarda and BoyBastos. I think it was last year where Loren Legarda noticed the site boybastos and deemed it as pornographic in nature etc blah blah and demanded it to be shut down. Even the webmaster itself had his house raided by the NBI. You can try to search “boy bastos” and you will see news article. I don’t think this is about the porn industry in the Philippines. It’s just shows how Loren Legarda used her powers to shut down a website after she got mocked by the boybastos webmaster.

    Anyways, my stand here is.. pollution of the search engine results by ranking on the pinay scandal keyword is the bad part but the goal is to cleanse the image of pinays online. If you do a search of “pinay”, you would see how the world sees our fellow country women. Sex slaves, prostitutues, domestic helpers and other degrading terms. I don’t know but it depends on your answer to this question, does the ends justify the means?

    A bit offtopic but the local porn industry in the Philippines sucks! It’s better to look at the real pinay scandals themselves. Btw, try to search, out of 10 pinay scandals there, there’s bound to be one that’s good.

    Anyways, I realize that as the conversation goes along… more and more topics gets introduced in the argument and it seems to be going nowhere…

  26. @TomGu – Umm my tip to increase traffic is to write something you know that people will find informative. then rank high for that keyword. You will get traffic from search engines for sure 🙂

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