Idioms contains blogging secrets

This was an idea that struck me while I was eating dinner the other day. I am sure that you have heard of idioms such as “hitting two birds with one stone“, “a piece of cake“, and “actions speak louder than words“. An idiom is a figure of speech that means something different that it’s literal meaning. If you are interested to know more examples of idioms, you can check out the most popular idioms.

Did you know that idioms contains blogging secrets? Who would have thought that idioms could contain lots of blogging tips that one should know whether he is a new blogger or an old blogger. From gaining traffic, making new blogs and even up to making money, idioms has it all covered.

So now, lend me your ears as I share with you the secrets that these idioms contain.

  • Rome was not built in one day
    • Wow! Bloggers are earning money from blogging! There are four, five and even six figure bloggers! I want to be like them and start blogging too. *Starts his own blog and starts putting ads on it* After a week, What the hell? Why have I not earned a single cent? I placed some posts, put up some ads and I still got nothing! Making money through blogging is a scam! *Quits blogging
    • This is especially for the aspiring bloggers who wants to make a lot of money through blogging. They expect that after a week or two in the blogging world, they would be rich and famous. It takes time for a blog to grow and constant effort to maintain it. If you were to read about the history of the big names in blogging, you would know that it took them some time (months) before they were able to stand out from the crowd. So is it possible to build a blog that will be very famous the day after it was created? Of course! But only when pigs learn to fly.
  • Haste makes waste
    • So if I have one blog that earns $1 a day, what would happen if I build 100 more blogs? $101 a day! I’m going to be filthy rich! *starts to build 100 additional blogs* Yeah! Go forth my minions, give me my dollar! *after a few days* I don’t have enough time to manage these blogs and I have not earned anything from them. I’m abandoning them.
    • If you want to start blogging, start slowly. Do not blinded by the money you can make if you have more blogs. Building a lot of blogs in a short span of time will not only waste your time but sooner or later you are going to realize that you are not able to give enough time for these blogs to grow.
  • Out of sight, out of mind
    • Oh right! I’m going to post a lot of stuffs today so that I don’t have to post the week after. *After one day..* Alright, I have lots of visitors! I don’t need to post anymore. *After one week* Hmm my number of visitors have gone down. *After two weeks* What the! No visitors?! Why?
    • If you have been feeding your readers content with one post everyday, then continue to feed them one post everyday. They would visit your site everyday for their nourishment. To go for a sudden vacation for a long time and not feeding your readers will make them look somewhere for food. Remember that you are not the only blog in this world.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    • I am making money from only one source! I don’t want to add other forms of income since it might limit my main money making source. *A few days later, that source kicked the bucket* Nooooooooooooooo!
    • One thing you should learn when you want to monetize your site is that you should diversify. You should not rely only on one income source. There are a lot of ways to monetize your site. One perfect example of this is John Chow, if he relied only on Google for his traffic, his blog will be dead since Google seemed to have dropped him from the search engine rankings.
  • No man is an island
    • This is my blog and my blog alone. I will not allow comments, ping backs and search engines to pollute my site! This blog is all mine!!! My precious! I will rise to the top alone!
    • I can understand that some people want to turn their blogs completely private but you could have opt to have an off line diary instead. One of the factors relating to a blog’s growth is traffic. Instead of closing your doors to the public, open them very wide! Don’t be a snub and interact with your visitors.
  • One blog to rule them all
    • My blog is the supermarket of all blogs! Everything you need and everything you want is in my blog! You don’t have to go anywhere because I got your covered. From news, gadgets, technology, science, entertainment, weight loss tips up to pregnancy, magazines, love articles, I got it all!
    • This is not an idiom! However, take note that this situation is impossible. You can’t have a blog that has it all. In technology alone, you have a diverse set of topics that you can blog about and you can’t possibly cover them all. That’s online for technology, what about in your other topics? When people visit your website, they are going to be seeing a lot of different topics that are not related to what they searching and will leave your site. You can’t expect your visitor to dig up your site just to find what they need. It’s like coming out from a search engine just to enter another search engine!

So there you have it. The blogging secrets that idioms hold. Perhaps you know some more idioms that have blogging secrets? ^_^

16 thoughts on “Idioms contains blogging secrets

  1. Great post! All of those idioms are true. The ones that I often hear is the “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket “. I think I heard it from Darren Rowse of

    “Perhaps you know some more idioms that have blogging secrets?” Aha! Is this a guide question! hehe.

    1. Hmm I wonder why your comment was flagged as spam by Akismet. haha …

      About the guide question … yes it is. Idea from you haha

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! And great post – so true about time and blogs.I find myself having not enough time,too, when family priorities come up. Of course, family comes first.

    More power!

  3. @Jed – I am too. ^_^ I had a lot of blogs that lasted only in just one week.

    @Manilamom – Thanks. =) Me too, we just need time management.

  4. weird… but I felt like you’re writing about me with all those idioms stuff… πŸ™‚

    oh well, im out to buy my diary now… πŸ™‚

    1. Selboy.. haha I was wondering who Selboy is until I saw your URL. hehe I got all the easy idioms. Although there are a lot of idioms still available. =)

    1. @Jake, FYI. John Chow’s google ranking is because he was gaming the results. He made people link to him with the anchor text “make money online” in exchange for a link in his blog. ^_^

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