Infected with BatBrowse Adware and Removal Instructions

Infected with BatBrowse Adware

Infected with BatBrowse Adware - MalwareBytes Results

Today, I noticed weird advertisements while using Internet Explorer. Checking below, I saw the words “BatBrowse Ads”. WTF are Batbrowse ads? So a quick search told me that this is a bad program that needs to be removed! It hijacks your browsers and shows you tailored advertisements based on your browsing patterns. I didn’t notice it in Chrome because I was using an ad blocker but it was all over my face once I used Internet Explorer. The weird thing is that I didn’t know how it came into my computer. I usually uncheck those additional toolbars and programs that get bundled with a software. I guess this was a sneaky program that went it after I blindly accepted the program’s EULA.

I quickly ran Malwarebytes, updated it and did a quick scan…

While it was scanning, I checked a few places to see the extent of this infection.

  1. It can be found in the list of installed programs (Control Panel –> Programs and Features). It says that it got installed on October 28, 2013… what was I doing on those dates? I uninstalled it and it asked for a reboot.
  2. It attached itself to Google Chrome as an extension which was installed by a 3rd party. I disabled it and deleted it.
  3. Nothing found on Internet Explorer Addons.

… and now the results of the MalwareBytes are out!

It looks like this has been in my computer since October 23! Nearly two weeks now! Oh no! Oh well, I’ll just let Malwarebytes remove them and do another scan after a reboot to see it permanently removed.

So how did I get infected in the first place?

The only program I installed/updated on October 28, 2013 would be JDownloader. Also, I was using a website that converts YouTube Videos to downloadable MP3s. That’s also a possible suspect.

Be careful in your browsing activities.

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