Installing wordpress locally

Although I have decided that I will be buying my own domain and web hosting, it has to wait for a few days since I don’t have cash. However, since I was very excited, I scoured the wordpress documentation for anything that will let me install wordpress locally (in your own computer).

I found my answer at this page,

The guide is already easy to follow so I don’t need to retell on how to do it. But as a minimum, you need the following:

  • WordPress – This is what you are going to install.
  • Xampp – This will be your local server. It will take care of your databases and apache configurations.

I installed wordpress locally and started tinkering with it. I added themes and plug-ins to it. I tested how it works and made a few posts. It was fun doing it. My plan in doing this was to make sure my wordpress works locally so that when I’ll upload it to my web host, it will be easier to install and the blog can go online faster.

So did my plan work? Yes it did!

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