iRegaloPh Launch

iRegalo.Ph Introduction – Give Gifts in Kind

iRegalo.Ph Introduction – Give Gifts in Kind

iRegaloPh Launch
iRegaloPh Launch

iRegalo.Ph is a newcomer in our country’s growing e-commerce business which offers something new in the world of gift-giving.

Targeted (but not limited to) OFWs (overseas Filipino Workers), iRegalo aims to make sending gifts to your loved ones fast and easy. Their tagline makes sending as easy as click, send and receive.

Before iRegalo, the common way to send gifts would be through money remittances or through the balikbayan boxes. In the joy of filling up balikbayan boxes, one would have to wait around two months or more before it arrives and would have to survive the curious eyes and hands of customs.

Now through iRegalo, one just needs to do the following in order to send an item:

  1. Browse their website for an item you like
  2. Select that item
  3. Fill up the details (recipient’s details)
  4. Pay for the item
  5. Wait for your item to be delivered

The great thing about this would be.. no more waiting time (as the products are sourced locally) and no dangers of pilferage. Gifts would be received fast and secure.

Gift of Health Care

Although one may target buying the latest gadgets as gifts; what makes iRegalo unique would be their gift of health care packages. Asides from having gadgets (and soon groceries), you would be able to buy among the three health care packages namely eye care, dental care and medical care.

The eye care package will offer a comprehensive eye check-up which would include frames.

The dental care package will offer dental check-ups (unlimited for one year for kids).

The medical package on the other hand is your instant Annual Physical Exam.

Think of these health care packages as prepaid doctor’s appointment that your recipient can use anytime.

I personally believe these are great gift ideas since health isn’t something we always value (unlike material things). For example, eye care for your grandparents, medical care for your parents and dental care for your siblings .. or better yet, buy all three for everyone!

iRegalo.Ph Future Merchants

The offerings of iRegalo won’t be limited to the items you currently see on their website. They are currently in discussion with several merchants and once agreements have been met; more items will available soon.

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S: I’ll share more once I have personally tried their services.

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