IRIS Kdrama

IRIS Kdrama

IRIS Kdrama

After enjoying the first Kdrama I watched after a hiatus from watching them, “You’re Beautiful“, I was in search for my next Kdrama to watch. Luckily, I managed to know about IRIS (since it was being aired at the same time as You’re beautiful was in Korea so they have been compared in ratings) and just one look at the cast made me decide that this is my next kdrama to watch.

For others, it may be because of Lee Byung-heon but for me, it’s none other than Kim Tae Hee. Actually, I really did not know about Lee Byung-heon but while watching, something was bothering me as he really looks familiar. A quick search told me that he is Storm Shadow from the movie G.I.Joe so that’s why he looked familiar.

Anyway, Kim Tae Hee equals instant watch for me so I patiently waited for the episodes to come one by one and watched them in Scarlet. ohh Kim Tae Hee in a big screen… drool.. umm..

Let me introduce you to the characters (see picture above as reference).

Hyun Joon – Seung Hee – Sa Woo

Sun Hwa – Chul Young – Vic

  • Hyun Joon – the main character of the show.
  • Seung Hee – Kim Tae Hee. Hyun Joon’s love interest
  • Sa Woo – Best friend of Hyun Joon. More or less ignorable character lol (well, I did not like this character)
  • Sun Hwa – Right Hand of Chul Young.
  • Chul Young – leader of the security services from North Korea. Cool!
  • Vic – the secret assassin from an unknown organization. He simply looks cool killing people without any hesitation (no hostages)

Iris Plot

It starts with Hyun Joon doing a solo mission of¬†assassination¬†in Hungary to kill a North Korean dude who’s being guarded by Chul Young and Sun Hwa. He gets the kill but gets injured in the process. He tries to ask for help from his superior but was abandoned and was chased nonstop by North Koreans until he can’t run anymore… (end…)

and that series brings us back to how Hyun Joon ends up taking that solo mission. It shows a brief history of Hyun Joon and Sa Woo in military school, then getting recruited to a secret service organization of South Korea. Here we also see how Hyun Joon and Seung Hee fall in love (even if it is forbidden in their organization). However, that solo mission of Hyun Joon given to him by the director of their secret service changed his life as he, who has been abandoned and left for dead plots revenge. While he tries to get back at those who abandoned him, he uncovers a lot of “truth” about his life and basically on what he is up against so that’s the story.

I honestly wanted to watch this simply because of Kim Tae Hee but I was taken by the story. It’s definitely something new compared to the romance comedies I usually watch. Here you have, secret agents, politics, war, secrets within secrets, and of course, romance. I liked all the characters (except Sa Woo haha).

It is 20 episodes/hours long but it really did not feel that long. I was watching at a pace of two episodes a day however in the later parts, I kind of did a marathon already because it was full of cling hangers that I really wanted to know what will happen next. Overall, it is a great series and I would recommend it to people who like some “real action” (taken from my girlfriend is a gumiho) in their kdrama.

IRIS Kdrama

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