Is Paid Blogging Good or Bad?

I admit that I’ve been engaging in paid blogging here in this blog.

Basically, paid blogging is where you get paid for writing a blog post. An advertiser wants to promote his product or service and wants to do some marketing for it. The advertiser would then contact some bloggers to write about their product in exchange for a fee.

It’s an easy and fast way to earn money online. But I’ve been seeing mixed reactions about this “paid blogging” thing. There are some who likes to do it while there are some who doesn’t like to do it?

What about you? What are your stands to “paid blogging”?

I’m trying to get your inputs and will consolidate them in a new post. Thanks.

22 thoughts on “Is Paid Blogging Good or Bad?

  1. it depends. it’s bad when you compromise your content for the sake of getting paid. some people even tells lies and stories just to fit the advertiser’s keyword or phrase. amf.

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  2. even if i already earned around $400 in paid posts (in my other blogs), i still have mixed feelings about it. for one, i don’t want to lose my readers. second, my PR, and third my original purpose in blogging.

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  3. @Winston – I think story telling is ok, but lies are not. You can make a story to entertain your readers then insert a paid post hehe. πŸ™‚

  4. @ceblogger – Wow! $400! Please share!! hehe πŸ™‚ In your points,
    readership – I usually hide my paid posts from my feeds.
    PR – I got slapped but I got it reinstated.
    purpose in blogging – hmmm I’m still thinking.. but a little money won’t be that bad right? hehe

  5. I myself would rather pay you to write about my website than throw my money away to some backlink builder website that would surely cost more than your paid services and most of those seem to be selling you pr6 links that end up being fake pr’s. What a shady world this has become, however, with you, I know what I am getting for whatever price we agree on, and I know it will be positive for my business with traffic and link love. email me with your prices if you dont mind, I would love to talk to you about writing an article for me. Thanks

  6. @Dexter – Hi Dex, actually I’m already using that kind of plug-in. If you dig deep into my blog, you will see some hidden posts. hehe

  7. i can’t see anything wrong with paid blogging. so long as you’re not writng an article about a dodgy site or brand

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  9. I’m not big on paid blogging, only because it compromises the reason why I blog. It’s a personal thing I suppose. Are you blogging for the readers and the community or are you blogging for yourself? I suppose the answer will dictate what your priorities are, and therefore how open you will be to paid blogging. I’m also wary about writing about things that could potentially be harmful to my blog friends. Who knows, right? That would be terrible. So on a personal note, I’m not big on it. Admittedly the potential for making big bucks is alluring, but it’s the not the main reason why I blog.

    My two cents.

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  10. @Toni – Hi Toni. Thanks for the input. Let us put it in this way, think of your blog as a television or radio station. The paid posts are just advertisements. If your viewers see the advertisement, would they turn it off? or would they wait? Actually, the important thing here, as you mentioned in your other comment, is the ratio between paid posts and normal posts. I’m sure your readers can tolerate a paid post once in a while since they know that blogging has expenses too.

    btw, I’m not saying that you should join the paid post bandwagon or something. I’m just trying to clear out some misconceptions. ^_^

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