ITIL Exams – Tips on passing ITIL Foundations

I can still remember the time when I took the ITIL Foundations exams and it was very challenging. So I’d like to share my tips to everyone who might be taking ITIL exams in the future.

The ITIL exam is multiple choice and you are given a maximum of one (1) hour to finish the test. Actually there are just a few questions, about 25-30 I think so you have plenty of time to think and ponder about each question. Use it to your advantage.

Of course, the important thing here is that you should study and prepare for the exam. Just think of this like when you are studying in school. In my experience, we only have 2 days of training for ITIL so it was a huge dose of information overload but I guess that’s the way it is. They won’t wait for you but instead you have to catch up to them so listen well in the training and review a lot.

Another tip that I can give is that you should try acquiring mock exams or test questions. Some of these questions are from the ITIL exams itself so if you can answer them correctly (memorize the answers), you can score a lot of easy points. In our case, we have three mock exams and it took me 2-3 tries just to pass each exam. It’s repetitive and boring but if you want to pass, you have to do it.

The ITIL course is divided into modules and you are going to get tested in all modules. So I suggest that you should not concentrate too hard on one module but try to know the basics of each module. More or less, you can get a point or two from there. Some of the questions are tricky. There are times when the answers are all correct answers but you have to choose the best answer (these are the frustrating type of questions).

Remember that the moment you click submit, your score will instantly be shown so be prepared for that. A certificate will also be printed to you and you will see it divided into modules by percentage.

I guess that’s all the tips I can give to anyone taking up the ITIL exams. Don’t worry, you will pass. They don’t care about your score, all they want is that you passed the exam.

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