Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose Hoax and Rising Gas Prices

Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose Hoax and Rising Gas Prices

Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose predicted an earthquake on July 18, 2008 and here I am, sitting comfortably in my bed typing this post.

I can still remember when I first received that forwarded email. When I searched in Google for this Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose, almost everyone was searching and blogging about him. Skeptics and believers were searching for any information that would lead to him. Also, bloggers were competing against each other for the rankings in search engines. It was a really a big hit that even the Philippine media would sometimes include this in their reports to pacify the people that this is just a hoax.

Indeed it was. Nothing happened, not that I want something to happen but I personally didn’t believe the prediction at all when I read it. I just blogged about it because (see the reason above why bloggers are blogging about it). In any case, I’m still thankful that nothing happened.

On another note, gasoline prices increased again yesterday. Diesel users will be the one who will be shocked and will suffer the most as the price increase was Php3.00 per liter. For gasoline, it was about Php1.00. Sometimes, I wonder, when will this price increase end. When I first bought my car last February 2008, prices were around PHP42.00 – PHP44.00 per liter in unleaded gasoline. Now, after five months, the prices now range at PHP60.00 to PHP62.00, approximately 50% increase in prices!

Who is telling the truth? Oil firms keep on telling us that the world prices for oil keeps on increasing and they have to increase their prices because they are losing money. However, a recent study or research was done and it claim that oil prices were overpriced by at least PHP12.00. As a consumer, I’d rather believe the later claim but it still leads to the question that who is telling the truth? Regardless of this, the oil firms still win because they keep on increasing their prices and we can’t do anything about it.

So as consumers, in order to battle the rising oil prices, we just have to save up. I personally use my car on weekends (because I have work on weekdays) and most of the time, I just commute. Actually, if you commute, you can save a lot of money because if you drive a car, not only will you pay for gasoline, you will also have to pay for parking where some charges you per hour! Oh well, having a car makes your travel more comfortable at a much expensive prices. Your choice!

Well, I just wanted to share my thoughts on these two issues. As of now, I’m still doing some checks on my blog statistics and I’m seeing something good. I will be posting about it in another post. Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose Hoax and Rising Gas Prices

  1. I have been carpooling to work for the last few months and it basically cut my gasoline bill in half, but it is still a lot more than it was this time last year.

    The price dropped a little bit where I live this week, but not much. The flip side to the whole gas problem is that it will hopefully motivate people to find alternate forms of transportation and to use less fuel.

  2. Gas prices these days are just getting higher, i think the government should focus more on alternative energy.`,:

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