Just some updates – May2008

Hi everyone,

I would like to offer some updates on this blog today as I try to catch up on the things I have missed.

Recently restored internet access

It was really a sad day when I woke up last week and discovered that our internet connection is gone. The DSL modem looks ok but we are not receiving any data. I called up PLDT yesterday and I’m glad that the connection was restored late last night. Well, if I have no access to internet, I can’t publish anything.

Reaching Out Stopped Indefinitely

I have stopped reaching out since I have currently a lot of backlogs Google Reader. I’m thinking if I’m still going to continue it or stop permanently.

My birthday is coming up!

Try to guess when it is. It’s very near that I can almost feel it. So will my wallet haha ^_^

That’s all for my updates. 🙂

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