Just Started BeachBody’s Insanity Program

Just Started BeachBody’s Insanity Program

Insanity Program by Beach Body

After going through those holiday meals and pig-outs, many of us have gained weight. If you didn’t then good for you. Now we go to New Year’s Resolution and one of the most common resolution would be to lose weight. With this goal, people would go on diets, enroll in gyms, measure their weight daily, buy those gadgets you see on tv and drink those weird stuffs that promotes weight loss. For those who manages to stay consistent with their program, I salute you! For those who didn’t, well, try it again and do remember there is no shortcut to weight loss except if you get super sick and become super thin in the process.

I don’t know what was the purpose of that first paragraph because I’m not even wishing to lose weight. In fact, I want the opposite which is to gain weight. However, I have achieved that already just this holiday season. I was able to gain around 5 pounds. I ate like a pig but forced myself to workout every other day (missed doing it once though =( ). The night before Christmas, we went to Mercury drug and I saw their kiosk that for only PHP5.00, it will provide you with your weight, height, BMI, blood pressure and body fat analysis. At that time, my body fat was around 20% (tsk, 1/5 of me is fat). However,  just today, I checked and I’m now at 18.7%! Although I gained weight, this percentage went done a bit so I feel happy… but I want to keep that up and this now becomes my motivation to do the Insanity Program.

Insanity is a workout video made by BeachBody and the trainor is Shaun T. He is the same guy from Hip Hop Abs where I failed to do consistently lol. However, this time, my big friend BOB also wants to do insanity so we can support each other especially if we want to give up. Based on reviews, this program is not for the weak of heart and those who gives up fast. It will make us break in sweat and work out like we have never worked out before… Ok, I thought it was all hype until I tried Day 1 today.

Day 1 of Insanity is their fit test. Basically, you will be doing several exercises (8 in total) and try to do as many repetitions for 1 minute. By the 6th or 7th test, I was literally crawling on the ground. I was glad the next exercises were modified push-ups and planks so I don’t need to stand. I was really glad it was over because I was trying to catch my breath and I was dripping sweat on the floor. It was only 25 minutes long and tomorrow, the next exercises would be around 45 minutes so good luck to us… I really hope we can survive until the end and of course, see the results we want. Even if it just a few inches off my waist 😀

**will upload before /after pictures… if I have good results… else.. forget about the before pictures hahaha ** Will be creating new posts to track my progress 😀

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  1. Seems like this is useful for me. I badly need it. Waiting for your subsequent articles.

  2. I’ve heard this is meant to be excellent (from my sister) but she did say that the fitness test nearly killed her!!

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