Keywords + Adsense = Money

Keywords + Adsense = Money

Do you still remember my post last month where I said to concentrate on adsense rather than on page rank? Well, this post is a follow-up post to that where I’ll share what I have done so far to reach $100 a month in adsense. Actually, I just reached that in May and I’m so happy! It’s like another birthday gift to me.

We only have three words to focus on this post. That would be adsense, keywords and money. First, we need to understand what is adsense and how adsense works.

What is Adsense and how adsense works?

I’d sound like a broken record here but for the benefit of those who don’t know, Adsense is a place where you can advertise your websites or products to other websites (bloggers) and you pay per click on your advertisements. They currently offer text ads, image ads and link ads. For us bloggers, this is a way to earn money on our blogs. All we have to do is to copy-paste some code in our blog and adsense will do the rest.

To earn money on adsense, your visitors will click on the ads. Advertisers pay Google to display their ads on your blogs and for every click you give them, part of that payment goes to you. We don’t know how much is the cut of Google but who cares, as long as you get money. Now that you have knowledge about Google Adsense, let us move on to our next word, which is keyword.

Keywords are not equal

Like I said before, all you have to do is to copy-paste some code on your blog and Google Adsense will do the rest. It will try to display advertisements that is relevant to your post. Now, this sounds complicated as each post has a different topic but Adsense uses something to make this job easier. Adsense uses the keywords found on your post.

The keywords on your posts are the words that you frequently use on your post. For example, you write about airplanes or lawyers, then you will be using those words a lot and you will also be using words that are related to them such as 747, fly, case, court, sue. I don’t have a clue on how Adsense’s algorithm works but most of the time, the ads are relevant. So through the proper use of keywords on your posts, you can help adsense deliver related ads to your blog which your visitors are more likely to click.

Another thing, not all keywords have the same demand. I mean, not all advertisers want to advertise on a keyword and this is your task in order to be successful in adsense. You need to find the keywords that advertisers are willing to spend a lot of money on per click. Examples of these keywords are lawyers, meso-something, loans etc. You need to optimize your blog for these keywords and once the clicks comes in, you’ll be making lots of money.

Where’s my money?

I don’t know how others do it but personally, making money in adsense starts slowly but after a few months, it will become a consistent money maker. It starts slow because you still need to get your traffic up and try to rank high in Google for the keywords you want to earn. Once you have done these two, you can simply get another keyword to optimize, rank it high then move on. It is a tedious and repetitive but it’s the same thing we usually do on a normal day job right? It takes effort but the results are worth it.

When I started with adsense, I couldn’t barely make $1 a month so I thought this is pure BS and I gave up. But when I started reading the tips from other people, I learned a lot and started to apply them to my blog. Guess what, I just reached $100 a month from Adsense. My goal is to keep this up and try to increase it.

For now, I just provided an overview on Adsense, keywords and money. What I will be doing next is to show you how I search for keywords and provide examples of the keywords I’m planning to optimize. To catch my next posts, be sure to subscribe to this blog’s feed and learn from my blogging experiences.

31 thoughts on “Keywords + Adsense = Money

  1. Allen, is there anything here which doesn’t involve Google? I mean, Google sends you the traffic, they give you the ads to show and then they pay you for visitors you send to advertisers. Being overly dependent on Google is a bit dangerous, don’t you think?

  2. @Ling – Umm in terms of traffic, Yahoo gives me more actually instead of Google. That’s the stats from Google Analytics (oops. ehe) In terms of advertisements, Adsense has been good to this blog and I’m sad to say that I only have limited time to blog everyday to find and look for alternatives. But, since adsense has been good so far, I’d stick with it for now.

  3. @Dexter – Yep! I’m really glad to be earning that already. Btw, I think you made a typo, $10 a month? I remember you said you were already earning $5 a day? πŸ™‚

  4. @Pacquiao diaz – hmm so far I have project wonderful and adsense in this blog. I’ll try to come up with a post for this. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  5. those who don’t want to depend on Google, well, you can use TextLinkAds or just sell ad spot directly to advertisers.

    With regards to traffic coming from Google…. we don’t have a choice but to let google send traffic to our blogs by doing SEO thingy. Google’s algo is much challenging that Yahoo’s.

    SELaplanas last blog post..Wedding Invitation Wordings

  6. It was interesting to see the google adwords algorithm in action, as illustrated by a post you made a month or so ago(this one too b/c it is advertising adwords), and to see how it really does use the words in the post to supply the ads.

  7. actually, adsense is really a great tool for you to skyrocket your income. the way i see it, ppl shifted or use other alternatives because they haven’t figured out the best thing to do about these ads and how you blend it with your content (keywords)..

    this is also the reason why I posted on one of my articles that one should first master adsense before working their ass on other alternatives..

    right, we should not place our eggs in on basket but just make sure that you’ve filled that basket before looking for other baskets.. – mastering google adsense.. this involves positioning, placement, $ aesthetics..
    like on top of this post you’ll see the adsense ads.. is it enough? was enough space being utilized??.. we’ll one can use a two 200x.. ads and place it side by side using a column.. it would surely look great..

    anyway, a really informative post you got there.. thnx for sharing bro! πŸ™‚

    for now i’m working my ass on $15++ /day since this week my earnings plunge to $6++/day. sana maka recover..

    note : don’t check my blog coz it’s a mess lolz!.. it’s an experimental blog like most of us do here online!

  8. congrats! i’m doing well with adsense. I experiment with keywords as well. I prefer high paying keywords but it’s hard to get the kind of high paying ads displayed in my blogs.

    I reached over $20 / day before, now i don’t know what happened. I can’t get that amount of earnings on a daily basis now with adsense.

    ladys last blog post..PinoyBux Sent Me My Load!

  9. It all depends on the traffic, Google will not send you anything if you have nothing interesting on a blog or site. To be very true, Google is not rewarding as perceived always and am earning from other ways.

    Qaswers last blog post..Nancy Ajram News:

  10. I love your blog posts and will visit often. I am an Seo virgin so I can do with all the tips I can get. Got 100 visitors to my blog yesterday after doing a bit of seo and putting on the entrecard..hehe

    Yanjiarens last blog post..Blog and Tech News. Diary of an Seo Virgin.

  11. @Ceblogger – Thanks. It’s starting out which is a bit challenging in adsense but once you have a good foundation, it will be easier. ^_^

  12. @Selaplana – Yeah! I tried to sell direct ads before but it wasn’t clicking because of my visitors are from search engines. I need lots of repeat traffic in order to sell well on direct ads. In terms of traffic, Yahoo sends me more traffic than Google so I should optimize more for yahoo I guess. hehe

  13. @Porch Lifts – Thanks. I based it on my experience and from my understanding from reading other people’s blogs and explanations too. My next post will be on how to find keywords but I’m still constructing it.

  14. @Rodel – Hi Rodel, thanks for the informative comment. Yes, positioning, colors and blending can really make or break your adsense income. People usually don’t earn a lot from adsense because they are not patient enough to wait, test and experiment on them first.

    Like here in my blog, I already changed my layout a lot of times already because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I had to redo all the ads, position them and check whether they were performing well or not. As of now, so far so good but it really needs a new improvement or make over.

  15. @Lestat – Hmm I agree however, the formula lacks something, “consistency”. without it, the formula won’t result into money. That’s what happened here in this blog and that’s something you should avoid.

  16. @Third World Geek – Yep. Without the right keywords, you won’t earn much in adsense. Just like what I mentioned in this post, keywords + adsense = money. ^_^

  17. @Lady – Hello, I think in order to get high paying keywords, you have to make Google know that your blog is related to that keywords. So you mustn’t rely on one post only, you must follow-up those keyword-rich posts until google recognizes you as a good source of information for that keyword.

  18. @Qaswer – Yes, traffic has a lot to do with it but Google ain’t the only search engine around. Personally in this blog,Yahoo sends more traffic to me than Google. πŸ™‚

  19. @Yanjiaren – Hello there, thanks! I like to hear more on what new seo lessons you have learned and how you applied them. Hmm Entrecard, most of the time it’s traffic that drops their card and leaves your blog, it increases your bounce rate only. πŸ™

  20. @Andrew.Laywer – Thanks Andrew! I hate to admit it but I did not have much luck in experimenting with adsense. I usually just blend the colors and leave it as is. I just change the positions once in a while.

  21. nice tips you’ve got here!~ ako, I started SEOing last May, mga last week ng May. After almost 4 months na pag e SEO, nareached ko narin ung min. payout nung 1st day mismo ng October 2009. Hinihintay ko nalang ngayon kung kelan ako babayaran, medyo naguluhan kasi ako kung katapusan pa ng October ko ba makukuha ung payment or November pa. Hays. Pero I’m glad nareached ko siya, infairnes sayo 1month mo lang ung nagawa haha XD

    Btw, ung 100$/month, sa isang blog lang ba un nakafocus ung adsense? or meron pa?

    1. Hello Sheryl,

      I think you will get your payout by November. Since you just reached $100 last October 1, you have to set your account to be ready for payment by October 15 deadline (usually middle of the month). After that, they will send your cheque or whichever option you picked by first week of the following month (November).

      Btw, yep, only 1 blog. ^_^

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