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Kingdom Royale

Kingdom Royale

Kingdom Royale is the newest game I am playing right now on Android. This is an online game where you are a ruler of a country and your mission is to unite humans, elves and orcs against a common evil foe. In order to do this, you need to grow your kingdom, collect resources, train units and battle enemies (other players included). Each action would cost you an energy point which I never seem to run out of and it regenerates every few minutes.

Battles are turn based. You have three races (humans, orcs and elves) and three types of units for each race (melee, range and magic). There’s also a concept of strengths and weaknesses. Melee beats Range, Range beats Magic and Magic beats Melee. Human beats elves, elves beat orcs and orcs beat humans. So whenever you go into battle, you need to take into consideration what units the enemy has and create your own team that will have an advantage over them. Your units also gain experience and once they reach a certain level of exp, they would gain a star (2 stars max) which increases their life. There are also 6 levels of units and they can be produced based on the level of your “barracks”.

When a unit dies on a battle, they are gone for good unless you resurrect them using crowns. This is where the freemium model comes in because crowns are very rare to acquire and can be bought using real money.

Spells are also available in the game and they would count as one turn. They are costly to create and have a one time use only (similar to potions).

So what else? I’ve been playing it for a few days for now and I’m currently stuck against the first boss. He has a very high level and I don’t have the resources to create high level units. The first time I tried to battle him, I didn’t even manage to get his life to 50% and I was wiped out. I even used units that were his weakness in race and attack but to no avail.

You can download them for free at the following links.

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